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Note: All Guides are under construction. This includes both the content and the formatting. Please bear with us, and soon you will not only find the most awesome Black Desert Fishing Bot here, but also everything you need to make money in bdo.

Last Updated : 23.11.2019, soon the new awesome layout is finished and all the content will get released in a polished and updated fashion.
The List of things to do in order to release the new design is slowly but steadily thinning out!

The official website and other fan pages all create stupid guides are adding as much bloat as possible in order to keep you on their add-ridden pages to maximize their gains.
While not talking about this, their Advertisement Revenue is over 4000$/Month alone, while users get bombarded with a mass of Advertisements like its 1990. All the same. They just want to present you “something” but they never tell you the KEYPOINTS! Forget about useless guides you see everywhere. You will find here the notes of the BDO-Fishbot Community who have years of experience with Black Desert!

Everything is Ad-Free und will stay Ad-free.

If you want to help, have questions about BDO in general, the Fishingbot or just have a friendly conversation? Don’t hesitate but reach out via discord 2c21aeda16de354ba5334551a883b481

Here is our work in progress archive with Black Desert Guides :

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