Black Desert Online Beginner Guide

Starting as a new Player in Black Desert Online can always be hard. So we tried to compile some answers for Beginner.

You don’t need to waste time for anything. Just do these steps:

1. Just finish black spirit quests until 15 levels. Don’t do any quest after you enter the cave below Velia Village.

2. Kill monsters for level. Collect exchange item drops and handle them to npc. They will make a huge amount of money when you kill always at the same spot. Manshas(49 level goblin like monsters at south west of calpheon) or Catfishes are very good for this. When you become 49.99 levels, do the black spirit quest and become 50 lvls.

3. Never log out. Just go to Velia Village and buy a fishing rod. There is a perfect fishing spot near Velia shore. You will see many people fishing there. Just join them fishing. You don’t need any ship. You can use their ships at start. You need to eat food (Balenos Special or other simple food) and use ixir potions (Elixir of Fisherman) to catch expensive fish. You can leave your character there and it will catch fish automatically. You need to connect the node you are fishing at. You should sell your fish to Imperial Fishing Trader in every 3 hours. You will be very rich in short time.

4. Sell your fish. You will acquire stones which you collect 5 pieces and combine them making a plus symbol “+”. It will give you a boss scroll. Just go kill them when you have 5 scrolls with 5/5 full party. Other party members should have 5 boss scrolls too. THIS IS THE KEY TO BE THE STRONGEST PLAYER in this game. You should make 5 good friends for bosses.

5. Kill monsters for level when you are playing by hand. Leave your character for fishing when you are afk.

6. Finally for item enhancement… You mustn’t use the items with blue names. They are hard to repair when fail. You should use “green named” items with 2 sockets. The purple gear is best for ordinary players. You can drop them at Saussan Post at Media Territory. You need to make fail stacks for enhancement. You need fail stacks at the same plus with the item. You can make +5 gear and +7 weapons without fail. You need 6 fail stacks for +6, 7 stacks for +7… you need 3-4 more stacks after +12… +15 items are easy to make. +17 is also not so hard for “good players”. Don’t try to enhance accessories, you will destroy both of them. Use accessories with good ATTACK power and mostly which have ACCURACY. Deffence is ignored in this game. Just make a good attack power.

Here some short FAQ :

Using an external Black Desert Online Bot for fishing

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There is inherently nothing but about that, especially since Black Desert very much favors individuals who have unlimited amounts of time on their hand.
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Grind or Quest?

Remember that quests after about level 12 do not give level experience. Quests are primarily to gain Contribution which you will use to unlock Nodes. While quests will generally help move you along from zone to zone it can be faster to just grind mobs. Hakurai published a great level 1-50 grinding guide here.

Start Fishing early!

Check out our Fishing Guide as soon as possible, to really maximize your gain early on so you can start to Bot! You find the Guide in our discourse

Quest Filter

Open your quest log (Default: O) and look in the top right. There are filters for the different types of quests. The default focuses on Combat Quests. There are over 10,000 quests in the game but most will be hidden unless you activate them here.

Don’t forget to Explore & Talk to Everyone

Black Desert doesn’t use a traditional Quest Hub format. You could run out of quests to do if you don’t go around and explore. The more you explore the more Nodes you will find and the more Knowledge (from talking to every NPC you find) you can gain to increase your Total Energy.

Too crowded?

In the beginning there will be A LOT of people trying to kill quest mobs in the starting area. The biggest issue will be the Imps. We recommend the area with the circles that look like arenas.

Channel Chat uses Energy

Be careful using channel chat as it takes 1 energy per message. Switch to whispering as soon as you can to avoid using up all your precious Energy!

Make Alts!

Total Energy is per character so even if you don’t plan to play any alt characters you should fill up your character slots with them. Even while offline they will regenerate 1 energy per hour that you can use for things like hiring workers, tending to a farm or the Secret Vendor.

Graphic Settings Tweaks

A few tweaks to make right when you start:

Lower the screen shake. It isn’t necessary and makes the game feel laggy.

Remove Others Lanterns

This will make the game look a lot nicer and less… orange.

Training your Body

There are 3 stats that you can improve to increase Stamina, Weight Limit and Max Health. All can increase to Level 30.

Breath you improve just by running. Every level gives you +25 Stamina. I recommend not riding a horse for a while so you can rank this up sooner.

Strength you improve by carrying trade packs from Traders. You get 2 WT per level.

Health you increase by eating food. You can only eat 1 food item every 30 minutes so eat early and often! Each level of health gives you +10 HP.

Quest All

When you first start the game look at your mini quest log located on the right side of your screen. Once hovered over it you will see a series of 6 buttons at the top right. Make sure all six of these buttons are green. This will enable you to see all the quests NPCs have to offer. These quests will include combat, life, fishing, trade/exploring, and all other quests.

NPC Search

Looking for an NPC? Search no more! Click the magnifying glass located next to your mini map. This will give you a drop down that will allow you to target and path to all normal town NPCs. Here you will find NPCs such as the stable master, auction house, skill trainer, etc.

Importance of Energy and Contribution

As with any game, people are always hyped about hitting max level, or in Black Desert’s case hitting 50. If you’re rolling your first toon we suggest you take the time to level the old fashion way. While grinding and power leveling will certainly get you to level 50, you will be seriously handicap when you achieve your goal. Contribution and energy are two important forms of currency that essentially are used in everything. If you want to gather, craft, start a farm, own a house, etc. you will need contribution and energy. Contribution is obtained through questing and energy is obtained from gaining knowledge of areas, NPCs, and mobs.

Leveling your health

Everyone knows leveling their health is pretty important in any MMO, but in Black Desert most people don’t know how. If you open up your profile (press P) under the training section you will see your health level. Health can be increased by eating any food that gives a 30 minute cool down. These foods can either be crafted by the player via cooking or purchased off the auction house under the food section (turkey symbol).

Inventory Space

Again, we visit the importance of questing. Inventory expansion slots are given through questing. To our knowledge you can receive 35-36 slots from quests. Outside of questing the only other way of obtaining inventory slots are through cash shop items or patron status/subscription service.

Auction House Search

A lot of people seem to think the auction house search for item feature does not work, when in fact it does! When you’re looking for an item keep in mind that it is case sensitive. If the first letter of the name of the item is capitalized you must type it that exact way to populate the search. We suggest only using small keywords to get the most use out of the search feature.

Gear level requirement

Or the lack there of. There is no level requirement on gear. A level 1 Plum can wear the same set as a level 50 Plum. Keeping this in mind don’t form any sort of attachment to your initial set in game and strive to attain your ideal set for your class as soon as possible.

Stay logged into the game

If your computer can handle it and your capable of staying logged into the game you can reap some serious benefits. In game time played gives some pretty nice rewards ranging from additional character expansion slots, pets, and bed. Leaving your character logged in as much as possible will allow you to receive these rewards sooner rather than later. You can check the reward items in the time section of the challenge menu.

Being in a guild pays!

Being a participating member of a guild allows you to get paid daily from guild funds. Keep in mind for your guild to give you an active contract they’ll probably be expecting you to be contributing to guild missions and things of that nature to help earn your keep. Why not join a nice guild?


Just kill monsters by hand for level + go fishing when you need to be afk. Kill bosses with 5/5 party. These infos are very vital. Don’t be noob to understand the importance of these things after you waste much time in the game!

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