BDO Alchemy Guide : How Alchemy in Black Desert Works

Alchemy in Black Desert

If you have any experience with life skills, especially cooking or processing – you will realize that Alchemy functions in the same way. However, it is a lot more thought-heavy, requires a lot more preparation and calculation.

Alchemy itself is like is a skill that remains a mystery to many players – and it will continue to avoid any “how to make money quick guide”. If you are looking for a way to make money quick with Alchemy and have been told by following a simple guide – that you’ll be able to make millions easily, chances are – you have been tricked or misunderstood.

There is a common abused misconception within the player base of BDO of “income per hour”, and a lot of title grabbing articles/tutorials abuse this popular logic to fool the player into clicking onto their website.

While it is true that SOME PLAYERS can attain huge amounts of silver per hour using these methods – and will even prove to do so on video, tutorial and so on, they do not take all their costs into account properly as they should.

Just because you have 100k ash, in your storage because of your workers – doesn’t make it free. Your time, that could be spent grinding, afk fishing or gathering etc. – is not free.

I feel the above should be mentioned and taken in by the player because of the “golden moments” this life-skill can have, and how deceiving it can be made look – especially by stream captions, guildies and the alike. Where most people try to make their method seem THE BEST and will argue for it so.

Alchemy in BDO is not easy

To put it in simple terms, a lot of the time people say they make 200m/h – by selling their monthly trade creates, which required hours – upon hours of work, but this information never seems to make the final cut of their boasting, or tutorial. Additionally you can never know upfront if it really works or not.

This is especially visible via bottlenecks – the needed materials for alchemy itself. E.g.;

  • Saps,
  • Bloogs,
  • Traces & Powders,
  • Fruits, Essences,
  • Oils

Which makes alchemy extremely time-consuming and difficult to do – as nearly every single possible ingredient is not possible via easily accessible methods.

There are things that can reduce the time-consumption of our Alchemy Journey – however they come at a neat price.

Items that can reduce your alchemy-time include:

  • Silver Embroidered Alchemist’s Clothes
  • Alchemy Stone of Life
  • Pavilla Costume Set
  • Teff Sandwich
  • Seafood Cron Meal
  • Advanced Alchemy Tool

You can even pick the new Shai class – in order to start off with Professional 1 Alchemy, and a neat skill that increases Alchemy Skill Life XP.

Alchemy is not so Easy

Okay, Okay – I got it, Alchemy in BDO is complex. Just tell me how to get Guru 20 in it already!
Sure – But this part doesn’t get any easier.

Just like with other life skills – the previously mentioned cooking skill has the same style of experience gain, where you earn Alchemy XP based on the difficulty of the crafting recipe.


  • Beginner recipes: 400xp
  • Apprentice recipes: 800xp
  • Skilled recipes: 1200xp
  • Professional: ?
  • Artisan: ?

And Yes – if you’ve noticed it already, you are completely right!

There are no Professional or Artisan recipes, and on top of that – every single Skilled recipe requires a essence, fruit or oil! This seems like it’s getting worse with each step, doesn’t it?

Logically looking at the XP chart – we can conduct that it’s easier to make 3 beginner items, rather than one skilled one. On top of that, we should go for something that is relatively easy to acquire, and something that will be useful later – to not completely waste our time.

I believe the following are the best for alchemy XP gain, as their simple recipes make them relatively easy to acquire – in comparison to Skilled Recipes.

  • Clear Liquid Reagent
    • (1) Wild Grass/Weeds
    • (1) Sunrise Herb
    • (1) Salt
    • (1) Purified Water
  • Sinner’s Blood
    • (1) Bloody Tree Knot
    • (1) Powder of Flame
    • (1) Clear Liquid Reagent
    • (2) Blood 2
  • Elixir of Demi human Hunt
    • (1) Sinner’s Blood
    • (4) Arrow Mushroom
    • (4) Fir Sap
    • (3) Black Stone Powder

Now that we understand the basic concept, we know how to reduce the strain on ourselves, and know how to level it – ourselves, let’s investigate Imperial Trading!

You can make by either:

  • Selling your finished product on the marketplace.
  • Packing your finished product into imperial trade crates and selling them to a vendor.

Just remember to be careful about selling things through the marketplace, by that I mean do not forget about adding EVERYTHING to your calculations. Even if it was free, it doesn’t mean its worthless – especially your time input.

Final words about Alchemy :

As for alchemy itself – I think that the life skill is one for truly the top 1%. It’s an investment heavy life skill, that requires both heavy amounts of time and silver – however, if done correctly it can have great pay off.

There are no quick stable silver methods, as they depend on the current saturation of the Marketplace, along with the economy and status of all the in-game players – which make this a highly unstable variable, as the world is essentially our lab rat!

There are no quick guides, on how to make money with it – as the market is highly volatile, anything good today, could be bad tomorrow. You must calculate, try and experiment – for this to work. Just remember to calculate the Marketplace tax – if you plan on selling your items through there, otherwise – Good Luck!