How to connect nodes in Bdo

How to Connect Nodes in Black Desert Online

First of all, Nodes are all the big Icons you see on your map; they are towns, settlements, gateways and trade routes. As you can see, I have a golden link from Heidel in the south, all the way up north to Velia, and a bit to west as-well. Also if you only plan on using a Black Desert Online Bot, don’t hesitate to set up your node and worker empire – it will greatly increase your profit!

World Map

Here’s a close up of Velia

But how do we connect Nodes?

So, imagine you are like me, and want to use the farms on Bartalia Farm (the node exactly south of Velia). You first need to go there and locate the Node Manager NPC. Talk to the NPC and select the Node Management option, it will open a new world map window.

To connect 2 or more nodes you need to Invest your Contribution Points (CP). You gain contribution by completing quests throughout the world. The third bar on the left side of your screen is your Contribution EXP bar and when you have a full bar you’ll earn 1 contribution point. This can be spent to connect nodes, rent items from NPCS, buy houses/workshops etc.

I’ve already spent my CP investing in this node so it doesn’t show, but if you don’t have this connected it will show on the left side a button to invest your CPs. This can range from 1 to 3 CPs, depending on how big a node is. Since this node is close to Velia, it will show a golden link between those AND also shows a white link to other nodes nearby indicating what nodes it can link to. You can only invest CP into a node if you have another node in range that you have invested into.

Now that we have this node connected, we want to use the farms so we can send our workers here. In this case, Bartali has 2 farms (some nodes can have a forest for lumber, or a mine for ore, etc). We choose one of the two farms (or both, if you have plenty of CP to spend).

When you click on a particular farm it shows another button to invest CP in there

Voila! You click Contribution Invest and if you have a idle worker it will appear a new window asking if you want to send your worker there, you click “yes”!

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