How BDO Workers work

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This guide assumes you have are familiar with the Node system

Woodcutting and mining yourself is boring and a waste of Time. So you should hire some Workers to give you a hand! Workers are NPCs that you can’t directly control but they belong to you, meaning you can see them in the world doing things you ordered them to do. The worker system is one of Black Desert’s super unique features and is keep to success.

Workers can do things like mining copper ore to send to your city where another worker in the refinery copper to create other items. A simple example is using a worker to harvest Ash logs and then turning those logs into Fishing rods with a Tool Workshop in town. More complex examples would be building fishing boats that can take many real world days to complete.

Where to get workers

You need to find the Work Supervisor NPC in each Town (the icon on the map is a Pick-axe). In Heidel it’s south, next to where everyone is fishing:

Talk to him and choose Contract Workers:

It will cost 5 Energy to be presented with a potential worker. You can either hire the worker or spend another 5 energy to see another choice. (Pro Tip: You can use Alts to hire workers as they have a separate energy pool).

Types of Workers

There are 3 types: Humans, Goblins and Giants. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Goblins: Fastest Work Speed, Lowest Energy (must be fed food more often)

Humans: Balanced Work Speed and Energy Pool and has higher Luck for producing better goods later in the game.

Giants: Slow Work Speed, High Energy so they can do many tasks before being fed.

Workers will be tied to the city you hire them in and you cannot transfer them. If you want them to work far away from their home city it will take more real world time for them to complete tasks.

Once you have hired your worker, open the map and click on the city you hired them at:

Blue icons indicate buildings that you can invest contribution points into; grey ones you can’t until you invest in the previous buildings in the chain.

Building Types

Storage – Increase city’s warehouse space

Housing – Personal residence. You can place furniture here. You may only own 5 at a time.

Lodging – Increases max amount of workers you can have.

Workshops – There are dozens of different workshops that can produce gear, trade packs and other items. The workshops are the buildings that your workers use.

Purchasing a Building

Let’s suppose you want to make a Tool Workshop to make Fishing Rods. You click on a building that can make one, choose it and click on Purchase: Tool Workshop. (Pro Tip: In the city overview map there is a search option in the top right to find all the building nodes that have the buildings you want.)

Construction can take 1 to 20 minutes depending on the building you purchased. Remember that this only invests your contribution. You can always get your contribution back later but you will lose any money used to upgrade the building. Click on Manage Crafting to access the crafting menu.

Crafting with workers

Here you can choose the item you want to craft, which worker to use to craft it and how many times you want to repeat the task. Your worker will use resources in that city’s storage to complete the task. Remember that crafting in Black Desert is done in real time and ONLY while you are logged into the game.

After your workers finish the assignment they can be sent to repeat the same job or do another. Working spends their stamina which you can recover by feeding them beer! (and some other food items) You can access your worker list by clicking the pick-axe icon in the upper left of your screen.

Feeding your workers

You need food items like Beer to recover worker stamina and it must be in your inventory even if you worker is on the other side of the world. Click recover and then Shift + Right Click to use enough beer to completely replenish the worker’s stamina.

You can make beer in bdo yourself or buy it on the marketplace. We will cover more about cooking in our cooking guide but the market is another great place to buy beer.

Using workers to transport goods

Black Desert has localized warehouses. This means if you have items in one city you cannot access them from a different city. You could take your items from one location to another yourself OR just use the transport system! Transporting goods does not use a worker and thus does not use stamina. Open the city map and click Transport from your warehouse. (This can be done anywhere in the world)

Make sure you correctly choose the Destination, the items you want and choose Freight Wagon. The price will be significantly higher if you do not have nodes connected between the two cities. You also can’t directly pay with silver in your inventory. Instead you pay with city storage silver.

Now you just wait a bit for your goods to arrive! You can see the wagon’s progress on the map.

Using your Black Desert Online Bot to feed workers

You can of course also use your most favorite Black Desert Online Bot, which i hope is to automatically feed your workers and restart their tasks as soon as their queue is done.
This allows your workers to literally work 24/7, all day, every day.

And here are some more tipps from the user Exvan :…

Q1 – What’s so special about these workers?

A1: They are professional workers (yellow grade) and have an inherent ability. Also, they are named NPCs which I particularly like because it just makes my life easier when I want to assign them to a task. ATTENTION: these workers CANNOT be promoted to artisan/legendary.

Q2 – So are they better than any worker I can get from the worker’s supervisor?

A2 – Not necessarily. Base stats and worker skills matter a whole lot. It’s up to you to decide which stats and set of skills work out best for you in a given situation. Nevertheless, I would say some of them are a very decent option until you have energy to spare on gambling for workers.

Q3 – Ok, cool! How do I get them?

A3 – You need to locate them and play amity game (conversation) until you reach 500 amity, after which it will unlock the possibility of buying a special contract for 15k silver. Do NOT try the amity game unless you have knowledge on at least 80% of the people the NPC is interested in.

Q4 – How do I increase my amity level with the NPC?

A4 – There are plenty of guides out there. But essentially you want to make sure beforehand that you’ll have knowledge on at least 80% of the people the NPC is interested in. You can check that list by clicking on the NPC. Then, when the mini-game starts, you just need to read the condition shown on top of each conversation and play your “cards” accordingly.

Seriously, make sure to read the condition. Some conversations will only be successful if you FAIL to spark the interest of the NPC. Notice that some “cards” have a combo – even though I don’t consider this to be fundamental, you should read them before you play them mindlessly. The key to win at this game is to ALWAYS do the follow-up conversation since it will cost no energy and will boost the amount of amity gain. I’ve managed to go over 500 amity on all NPCs by spending a maximum of 15-20 energy on each given I had collected all the KNOWLEDGE I needed beforehand.

Q5 – Can I bind the workers to any city I choose?

A5 – No. The workers are bound to the city displayed in the contract.

Q6 – I’ve bought the contract but I can’t seem to claim it. What’s wrong?

A6 – Check your lodging space and try again. Notice that each worker is affiliated with a determined city, that’s where you’ll need to get additional lodging.

Q7 – I’ve accidentally fired the worker / deleted the contract. What do I do?

A7 – Just go back to the NPC (use the in-game search function to make it easier to find) and buy a new contract. You can buy it as many times as you want and you can have multiple of the same named worker out. ie: 5 Parcci’s. HOWEVER you’ll have to reach 500 amity again (not sure if from 0 or somewhere in between).

Q8 – I can’t be bothered getting them all. Which worker is the best?

A8 – Please notice that each player has a different approach to the game’s economy so there is no right answer to this question. For example, if you are mainly a gatherer you’ll want a different set of workers than a crafter would have. Also your gaming habits will determine whether it’s efficient or not to bet on a specific worker. Taking the goblin worker Tirol as an example, this guy has a massive working speed (90) but extremely low stamina (5). This means if you are offline or AFK for long periods of time, chances are this guy will be out of stamina a good percentage of that time, making it less efficient for mass production than, say, a giant worker with 30 stamina and average work speed.


1. Create alts and do the tutorial and you’ll know when you’re done the moment you can see your energy bar and mini-map. Both your knowledge and energy pools are shared among all your characters. If you don’t feel like “wasting” your main character’s energy on conversations, you can simply switch between characters and spend their energy instead. This “trick” is just as good to many other things such as node investment, intermediate crafting or strategic placement of farms.