How to make Beer in BDO

(Small Warning, the Guide is still a Work in Progress)

One of the most important things to keep in mind in an open-world MMORPG like Black Desert Online, is that, even though it feels different every now and then, can be compared much more to a Marathon than a Sprint.
While it is necessary to very intensively focus on the game every now and then, true ownages comes through the power of endurance. A lot of Players burn out within a couple of months playing, since they did not see the full picture, and channeled their energy onto the wrong part of BDO.

If you intend to truly succeed, it is necessary to create a Worker Emporium.
There are several kinds of different food in Black Desert, the most classic one being beer,  and as we know – a cold Beer is not only awesome after a long marathon, but as well a after a long day of work – and your workers feel exactly the same way.

BDO Beer

During the early stages of the game in 2016, a lot of players learned how to make beer in bdo, and kick-started their empire that way, since even more players relied on the Marketplace in Black Desert, to feed their Workers.
At this point there are more different foods for workers, like Grilled Bird Meat, which finally introduced a very good alternative to Beer, and we will get into this very soon in another Guide.

While it seems intimidating at first, making Beer in Black Desert Online is actually very straight forward once someone explained it to you – or you read up on it, and that’s why you are here i assume :).

So within the next couple of steps I will explain in Detail to you how to make Beer in BDO.

Brewing Beer requires a couple of steps, but once you got the hang of it you will be able to produce more beer than you will ever need.
The steps required are :
– Gathering of Resources
– Buying a House
– Purchasing a Cooking Utensil ( On the Top right of your minimap you will find a button called “NPC”, here you will further find Cooking, by clicking it the navigation system leads you to the next cook, where you can buy it )

The BDO Beer Recipe

Unlike many other MMORPGs, in Black Desert Online there is no need for a recipe to make Beer, nor is there for any other cooking recipes, or recipes for processing or alchemy in general.
Once you have the required resources and correctly combine them, the Recipe will be automatically added to your knowledge, you can read some additional information about the Recipe in your Tome of Knowledge, but most importantly, it adds experience points towards increasing your energy in Bdo, which is also a very important aspect.

But long story short, here is the Recipe for beer :

  • any 5 Grains (Barley, Corn, Potato, Sweet Potato, Wheat)
  • 1 Sugar
  • 2 Leavening Agents
  • 6 stacks of Water

Out of the 4 different required materials, 3 can be bought at the cooking vendor very cheaply.
The grain you can either produce yourself with workers, or buy it from the marketplace.
A secret tip that I barely ever see mentioned is, that it is extremely recommendable to use one of the tier2 grains – at least – for making beer, namely :

High-Quality Barley, High-Quality Corn, High-Quality Potato, High-Quality Sweet Potato, High-Quality Wheat, Special Barley, Special Corn, Special Potato, Special Sweet Potato, Special Wheat

Using one of those grains, yields an proportionally much higher return, than using a normal Tier 1 Wheat.

How to Gather Grains in BDO

While you can gather the grain yourself from farming and gathering it is very time-consuming. It is much better to have a few workers gather the grain for you. Very early in the game, you will There are 4 different options. You can either Gather grains from farming or gathering, both of which is very inefficient. The 3rd option is to set up a node system, and farm the grains with your workers, but even this is very uneconomical, since your workers should much rather be busy doing one of the insane money making tasks.

The best way to go in regards to making beer is to simply buy the needed grains in the marketplace. They are super-cheap, more than abundant, and will pay for themselves x-fold.

The perfect House for Cooking Beer

Once you have all the materials you need, it’s time to choose a residence.
Thankfully, finding a fitting house is not problematic, since  almost every house in black desert online can be turned into a residence, which is all you need in order to cook beer.

The required investment is 1 contribution point most of the time, and generally it’s a waste to invest more than this into a residence.

The (not so) hard choice which Cooking Utensils to use

After you have the residence you need to buy a cooking utensil. There are a few different cooking utensils in the game which give different bonuses. The easiest to get is the Basic Cooking Utensil and the Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil as they can be bought from a Tavern vendor.

In Black Desert there are 2 different Cooking Utensils.
The standard cooking utensil, featuring 100 durability points, allowing you to cook in between 100-500 batches (depending on cooking level) before breaking.
The alternative is the Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil, which will last you way longer with its 500 durability points allowing to cook in-between 500-2500 batches, but it has a diminishing returns effect of +5 seconds increased cooking time each batch – which adds up to eternity.

So our recommendation is to use the standard cooking utensil while you are near your computer, and the Balenos Cooking Utensil for very long cooking sessions with a completely cleaned out inventory and many inventory slots, when you plan to be AFK for most of the day.

Once you have chosen and bought your cooking utensil, all you need to do is put it in anywhere in your newly bought residence.

Now its time to cook beer in bdo!

Now the serious part is starting : brewing beer in bdo! (hah, not really)
All you need to do is go near your cooking utensil and press R in order to open the cooking-menu.

Now you need to place exactly the described amounts of materials into the cooking pot.
– Hint : some experimenting is allowed, especially with high quality tier 2 and tier 3 (green and blue) resources, you oftentimes get away with only using 1/2 to 1/4 of the necessary tier1 materials, while at the same time yielding much greater results!

After placing all the materials into the cooking put, you have the choice to either produce a single batch or start an endless production. Doing so will push the cooking level of your character, by literately cooking beer until he is out of mats for cooking.

Also worth mentioning is, that exactly like with fishing, there are perks involved in leveling up your cooking level, namely :

The higher your cooking level, the more product you will get from each produced batch, and the chance to craft special items on the side (Cold Draft Beer in this example) greatly increases, and also the amount of turn-in items you cook will shoot up at the same time, which is character leveling experience for no extra work.

Optimization like Silver Embroidered Cook’s Cloths and Alchemy Stone of Life

Like with all professions, there are a lot of little optimizations that can be done to maximize your cooking gains.

For one there is your normal Cooking-Level, and the higher your skill level, the higher the procc chance for normal special drops, which means you get more finished product for the same kind of raw mats.  In addition the highest tier of food (Serendia special, Calpheon special, etc.) has a chance to procc the orange version (same effect, 110min duration) in addition to the yellow normal version starting from artisan 1, and in case you ever check out the Marketplace, you know that orange food gets sold for insane prices. The reason behind is that the debuff-time from orange food is the same as from normal food, allowing you to stack multiple orange foods at the same time – which is what all high-level players do in order to get an additional advantage.

Besides cooking level, there are cooking cloths which allow you to increase both your cooking speed and experience gain while cooking beer in bdo.

BDO Beer – What are the best cloths for making Beer ?

BDO Beer Costume

There is The Canape costume set, which is a Pearl Store Item that is being sold for 2.900 pearls. 
It adds 15% cooking experience and has a 2 second cooking time redaction. While 2 seconds might not feel like that much, you have to extrapolate that number to a batch of 2000. That is 4000 seconds saved, crazy, not?

In case you do not want to spend money, the alternative you can buy with silver is The Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes which, exactly as its Pay 2 Win Counterpart, increases both your experienced gained and reduces the time needed cooking each batch of beer. The strength of the effect, like with all Silver Embroidered Clothes, increases with each level of Enhancement.

But which should i choose in Black Desert?

The level 1 Silver Embroidered Cook’s Cloths offer just a decreased cooking time of 1 second, without any additional effects, but by enhancing your Silver Embroidered Cloths to level 5, you can achieve up to 30% increased cooking experience, and a reduction of a whopping 7 seconds. Welp, Black Desert Online might be plagued by pay2win, but in the case of cooking bdo beer in black desert, the free Cloths definitely win.

I guess that is it, in a guide that is soon about to come, we will explain in detail how to cook Grilled Bird Meat and will make a quick analysis and comparison, clearing up the question “What is better in BDO : Grilled Bird meat vs Beer compared”

But for now you have all the tool and knowledge you need to keep your workers happy in order to start expanding your Black Desert Online Emporium. Be sure to check out our Fishing guide, that explains how to maximize your fishing gains here :

And in order to really maximize your gains, be sure to check out our awesome BDO-Bot, the best Black Desert Online Bot in the game, which will help you to compete even if you are working, learning or taking care of your children.

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