Basic Bdo Fishing Tipps

Fishing is the best activity in game when you are AFK. There are many tipps, but I suggest you grinding(killing monsters) when you are playing game and fishing when you need to go afk. You can make very good money when you know where to do it and where and when to sell.

Why fishing?

It gives you yellow fish which is expensive and some stone pieces to make boss scrolls when you combine 5 of them as a plus + symbol. You will make very good money when you kill bosses in a full party. Party members should also have boss scrolls as you will get 1 more fragment from each boss of each party member.

Where to catch fish?

You should catch at Velia coast. There is a spot there which gives yellow fish mostly. Don’t try to catch fish in another spot. You can easily recognise that spot because you will see many players camping there for fishing. Connect Luinavo Island or Coastal Cave or the next node which you need at the time. Never sell fish without connecting nodes. GMs sometimes change the place of that fishing spot around Velia coast. You can find it checking the area when changed.

What do you need for fishing?

You need to fill your 5 fishing speed before you go fishing. You can see them when you press P. Just eat Balenos Special Food (it will be cooked after sometime the game starts, as the cookers will not have enough experience for it). You can eat another food for fishing speed. Also use fishing potions. You will have 4 fishing spped when you do it. You can also have 1 fishing speed point from fishing costume, guild points or fishing rod. You don’t need fishing costume(cash item) for fishing. You can buy JOB fishing costume. You can also craft/ make it. You can craft a simple raft in Velia house or buy a fishing boat or just use other players’ boats or catch from coast when the specifis fishing spot is available.

Which fishing rod to use?

You can use Balenos Fishing Rod if you do fishing when you are AFK. I think it is best because it lets you catch faster when auto fishing. You can just throw the hook into the water and go for afk. It will catch automatically. You can click into the check box if you want to throw away useless items or fish. You need bag slots for fishing. When you go afk, your bag will be full. If you have a huge bag, you can make more money when you go afk long time. Your fishing rod will get lack of durability when you use it long time. You can repair it. You can also use a Macro to change it when you are afk. You should use at least +6 +7 fishing rod to shorten auto fishing time. Also Penguin pet from cash shop decreases auto fishing time. You can use Calpheon(for yellow fish) or Median rod(for boss pieces) when you are catching manuelly. But I dont advice to catch manuelly. You can go grinding instead. Just do it when you are afk.

More detailed information about the perfect fishing-equipment you will find in our Extensive Black Desert Fishing Guide Here

Do I need Workers?

Yes, it is definitely absolutely recommendable to have a good worker and node setup to maximize your profit. Done correctly, and with making your beer yourself, as outlined in our how to make beer guide the upkeep for your workers is absolutely minimal!
Besides beer there are some other ways to charge up your workers, but beer is definitely the most recommendable one.
To learn little bit more about workers in general, besides that they enjoy drinking beer, check out our Worker-Guide here

Should i use a BDO Bot?

Well, this is a decision everybody has to make for themselves, but while most heavily deny it, almost everybody with work and real-life responsibilities while playing in a Top-Guild is using a Bot.
For some explanation how it works, why it is really secure and nothing immoral, be sure to check out the detailed description about our BDO Bot

Where and when to sell?

You should sell to the Imperial Fishing Trader at Velia, Glyshi, Epheria, below Tarif. Imperial traders weren’t activated at CBT-2. I think they will be activated after some time from official launch. Imperial traders buy fish in every 3 hours. You should be ready there when you see the notice in every 3 hours if you want to sell. They buy limited amounts of fish and you can’t sell when others sell before you. You should stock your fish in your inventory, in Velia storage, in a farm coach near imperial trader and sell them very fast. You can sell your fish to the farthest trade npc if the imperial traders aren’t activated when the server is opened. You of course need to connect that nodes between fishing spot and trader. Imperial trader will also give you some amblems which will give you a valuable gem stone when you collect 250 units.

I will add more infos here and always feel free to ask questions about Fishing in Discord. Good luck with fishing!