BDO Bot safe to use & up to date (10.09.2019)

New Iphone and Android APP incoming for the Best BDO Bot Ever! 🙂

This is a BDO Bot that will help you grinding and also while you are sleeping/working or simply afk enjoying your life :).
Security is the most imporant part of this project, so there is no code-injection, memoryreading or trafficmanipulation, 100% screen-recognition.
Security is So this is definitely the safest Black-Desert Bot on the market.
The BDO Bot emulates a real human PC-User, by seeing and understanding the Black-Desert Gameclient(Gamewindow) and human-like mouse & keyboard inputs.
There is also an Android & Iphone App to control the Bot and see live-statistics and get notifications on awesome drops or whispers.

Finally be free to do things you enjoy while feeling very efficient in Black Desert :).

The BDO Bot is configured within less than 5 minutes!
In case you stumble upon any problem, I'm (nearly) always available via our private Forums, Skype and the Livechat to help you out.
You can also join the Community-Discord here :

The BDO Bot will be instantly updated by me after every patch! (5 minutes max after Patchrelease, guaranteed!
All updates/patches are included for FREE! and will always be downloadable from your My-Account page!

Supported Servers : EU/NA (EN,DE,FR), JP, KR, South America/LA, TW, Turkey
Black Desert for Steam is officially supported!

Black Desert Bot - All in One!

Our #1 Priority will always be safety

Click on any product to find out more. ALL Servers and Realms are Supported (EU/NA/JP/KR/RU/LA/TR/TW)


What I am offering you is a BDO Bot that will intelligently fish while you are away.
The Fishingbot has been the first feature of this project. There is no game-hacking involved,  the Bot controls your game exactly like a human player.
The Bot has been in development for 14 months and offers a ton of features! Recently the Android & Iphone app released, that allow you to control the bot at any time via your phone.
All Event-Drops are supported and  new features will still constantly be added.

With just a couple of clicks you can fish close to 100 Million worth of Relicshards / 24 hours, not only is it fully afk, its more than I could farm myself in that time-frame (Warrior 🙁 ).
Finally be free to do things you enjoy without feeling inefficient ;).

The Fishbot's features

  • In active development for 14 months!
  • Android & Iphone App
  • Active & Helpful community
  • Immerse User-Emulation in order to prevent detection
  • Only bot with real security-features
  • Beautiful Ingame-Statistics
  • Automatically uses Buffood (fruitwine etc)
  • Automatically uses Bait
  • Automatically feeds your Workers and repeats their work!
  • Automatically switches FishingRods once they break!
  • Custom Lootfilter: Eventitems, Relics, Green-, Blue-, Yellow-, Goldfish
  • Doesn't matter if you're Fishing Beginner or Master! It's always worth it!
  • Mobile notifications about whispers, item-drops and much more via Android & Iphone App

To get the most out of the BDO Bot, check out our BDO Fishing Guide





The Auctionsniper / Marketplace Bot is the 2nd feature I released.
No painfull setup is required, you only have to press the Hotkey and the Bot starts buying all the Items you want!
The Marketsniper is the only Black-Desert Bot that can read your money. This allows you to set a limit on how much you want to spend :).
You also get an App-Notification when an Item is successfully bought!
The Android/Iphone APP also allows you to choose which Item you want to buy, check your money and much more!

Auctionbot features

  • Buys any Item you want!
    No injection,100% Human-Emulation  ,  very safe!
    Buys all Items of your Favorite-List (optional)
    Blacklist Items you have bought from your favorites (optional)
    Reads your Silver and Itemcost like a human by "seeing" ! - Set the maximum amount of silver you want to spend.
    Notification via BDO-Fishbot APP or Telegram after successfully buying an item.




The ProcessingBot is another great feature.
It allows you to easily process unlimited amounts of Items by
picking materials from your storage for processing and places products/items into the storage again
You can control the Processingbot with the Android/Iphone APP! 🙂
This way processing in Black-Desert gets super fun and is 24/7 AFKable!
The Bot is currently compatible with all versions of the game.

The ProcessingBot requires minimal configuration and is ready to use instantly.

Processingbot's Featurest

  • Absolutely safe by using my Human-Emulation
  • Picks Mats from storage, puts Products into Storage
  • Full Processing-Circle allows 24/7 AFK Processing
  • Processes all Items available via the Processing (L) Menu :
  • Simple Alchemy, Simple Cooking, Grinding, Filtering, Shaking
  • Heating, Chopping, Drying, Imperial Cooking, andImperial Alchemy
  • Infos about current status of Processes, numbers of Items processed via Android/Iphone App
  • Control the Processing via Android/Iphone App! Easily switch to a different processing-action
  • Automaticly feeds your Workers and repeats their work!




The Battlebot allows you to automate your strongest Attack-Combos
and do your high-damage rotations by just holding down 1 button.
The Attack-Rotations can be shared in the Community-Discord here :
You can add multiple attack-rotations for maximum efficiency!
As always, the feature is build on my human-emulator, so as safe to use as all other features!
Did I mention that there is no other Battlebot on the Black-Desert market?!

By adding community-templates from the discord, the Battlebot is setup within seconds!

BattleBot Features

  • Only Battle-Bot in Black-Desert
  • Add all your characters skills to the bot.
    Create high-damage rotations using all your skills.
    Automaticly do your high-damage rotations while only holding 1 button!
  • Maximize your Damage by always doing perfect rotations
  • Most relaxed grinding ever, that's a promise!




The Utility-Bot is also one-of-it's-kind in the Black-Desert World.
It offers a lot of different features, that make the game more enjoyable while playing yourself.
Currently the Bot include an XP-Tracker, which is also 100% safe, without injection, since the Bot is reading the XP-numbers off the Screen and doing the Math himself 🙂 .
The XP-Tracker can Display :
– XP needed for Levelup
– XP gained current session
– Current xp/hour
– Time left to level-up at the current rate
There is also Auto HP- & Mana-Pot usage once your HP reach a custom HP-%
Some more features include automatic relic-seller, light-Gathering-Bot, automatic cow-milking and Desert-Debuff Remover/Tea/Water-Drinker

Only one way to find out the full Feature-Set!


    Get Live-Information about the Game to your phone !

  • Visual Live-info about your grinding progress! :
    – Total XP
    – XP needed for Levelup
    – XP gained over the course of your current session
    – Your current xp/hour average
    – Time left to level-up at the current rate
  • Automaticly Sells Relics
    Automaticly Milk cows
    Automaticly drink HP/Mana Potions
    Automaticly clear Desert-Debuffs




Security has always been by far my highest priority and the bot has been designed with absolute security in mind.
I've been actively implementing new security features for 15 months and at this point I can say without a doubt that this is definitely the safest bot there has ever been.
Ingame the bot is indisdingiushable from a real player by perfectly emulating a real human player, while at the same time, the bot.exe is absolutely invisible to any anticheat-tools and scans.
With the latest release of the "Protector" securing your bot is easier than ever. Start the software, click "Protect" and you are absolutely safe and ready to go!


  • Randomized Filesize
  • Scrambled Window-Names
  • Scrambled Function-Strings
  • Randomized Timings
  • Randomized MD5
  • Randomized Memory-Allocation
  • .... and much much more!!


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