How to repair an Alchemy Stone in Black Desert Online

Alchemy Stones are critical items that no Character in BDO should miss, since they add a very powerful buff, that can certainly give you the edge over your opponent – or the other way around.
But they are not only a worth asset for PVP, but also in PVE they bring many different advantages with them.

The slightly annoying downside about them is, that they require constant maintenance. When you activate it, you get a powerful buff for 10 minutes with a Alchemy Stone of Life, and 3 Minutes with both the Alchemy Stone of Protection and Alchemy stone of destruction.
Each activation, the alchemy stone loses 1 durability, which means rather sooner than later you will have to repair it.

But the reparation does not work like with normal Items, instead there is a “recharging”-System in place, that I will explain to you here.

This Guide assumes that you are already familiar with Alchemy, if not check out our Alchemy Guide Here

How to Repair my Alchemy Stone

Step 1. Open your Inventory and find the button to open the alchemy window.

In order to recharge your Alchemy Stone, first of all you will need to go into it’s own option menu, which you find in your normal inventory (I), in the bottom of it.

Step 2. Place your Alchemy Stone and choose your recharging Mats

Now, like always in Black Desert Online, you first select the Alchemy Stone you want to recharge, which puts it into the Alchemy Window. Now you have the hard choice of your recharging mats, which will consume and destroy them., you need to right-click on the stone you intend to repair, which places it in the alchemy window.

My recommendations for recharging fuel are the following :

Either you could be crafting pure powder reagent and/or clear liquid reagent. Both of them restore 1%, and are very cheaply created. The Alchemy Recipes for both of them are :

1 weed

1 silver azalea

1 sugar

1 distilled water

1 weed

1 sunrise herb

1 salt

1 purified water (Here you can find a Guide on how to make purified water )

Weeds are the only little bit hard to get resource, both with some luck you can buy stacks of over 10.000 very cheaply in the market place.

The other option is Sinners Blood, with a recharging rate of 4% per Blood.

The Recipe for Sinners Blood is :

1 Red Tree Knot

1 Powder of Flame

1 Clear Liquid reagent

2 Sheep/deer/waragon/pig blood

With an alchemy level of artisan 1, you get 2.5 Bloods per turn, which makes the recharging very cheap. In case your alchemy level is still lower than artisan, I would recommend to first level your alchemy by creating a lot of clear and liquid reagents. Not only is this by far the cheapest and most efficient way to level your alchemy, you can also very cost efficiently reuse your alchemy-leveling byproducts, in this case the reagents, to charge up your Alchemy stone. That’s 2 for 1 🙂

Another little annoying aspect to keep in mind is, that with every rarity upgrade of your Alchemy Stone, the recharging rate will cut in half (50%), every time.
So Green has 50% the rate of white, Blue has 50% of Green, and yellow has 50% of Blue.
Because of this many high-level players carry 2 alchemy stones, one highly upgraded one, and the other 1 rarity below for non-critical situations, in order to cut their repairing costs in half.

To minimize your spending on recharging, it also makes sense to look at the current market rates for certain materials , since every now and then some extremely cheap opportunities to buy recharging-fuel pop up at the Central Market Place.

It’s also worth spending some time calculating which form of fuel is the cheapest to use. For example, restoring a rough alchemy stone with 100 durability would need 200 clear liquid reagents. When this is written those 200 reagents would cost about 300.000 to 500.000 silver. Using blood for the same durability would cost just about 650.000 silver. This may of course change in the future.

Step 3. Let’s Repair the Alchemy Stone

Now that we have decided and either bought or crafted the recharging material, it’s time to get going! Simply right-click the crafting material and choose the amount you want to feed your stone. The Alchemy Window itself shows you the amount required to recharge your Alchemy Stone to 100%, but you can recharge it with any amount of materials without any penalty.

After Pressing “Recharge” you will see a little animation, and moment’s later your Alchemy stone is as good as new.

That’s it! Compared to many other tasks in Black Desert a piece of Cake!
If you liked this Guide, maybe even give our awesome BDO-Bot a chance, you will definitely not regret it.