How to Make Honey Wine in Bdo

Honey Wine itself is rather uninteresting as consumable since it only adds All Damage Reduction (ADR) +2 while wasting an important buff-slot that should be used for one of the many other high-end buffs that BDO has to offer for any kind of situation.
It would not be Black Desert if there were not multiple uses for every Item, and while being shitty as consumable, honey wine is one of the most profitable imperial cooking trade-ins.
Combined with the fact that honey wine is very easy to create, can be perfectly combined to level up your Processing and Cooking at the same time, reusing all the resulting products… and now imagine getting PAID for the Process of power-leveling all your Life-Skills in a breeze .. yup .. Honey Wine is actually pretty awesome.

First of all, let’s check out the required ingredients to create Honey Wine :

BDO Honey Wine Recipe

  • 2 x Sugar
  • 6 x Water
  • 3 x Cooking Honey
  • 2 x Essence of Liquor

Sugar and Water can be bought at any Food Vendor or Innkeeper, which only leaves us with 2 Items we have to take care of in order to make Honey wine.
Essence of Liqueur can be either bought in the Central Market Place, but for maximum profit and leveling your valuable Life-Skills the smartest way to go into this is by buying Fruits and Honey in the Central Market Place for very cheap, make flour by Processing any grain with one of your twinks and then create the final product on your Main-Character to maximize the LifeXP per Energy Point used of your Main.

Quick Breakdown of all needed Materials

Now let’s start to get into the in my opinion most efficient way to make Honey Wine, while also getting to know about some other ways to take, so you can make your own choice.

How and Where to Get Cooking Honey

Besides buying Cooking Honey in the Central Market, there are only 2 other ways to acquire it.

One way is to shoot down Beehives from trees, which is not only very time consuming, but also bugged, tedious and annoying.

cooking honey bdo

The better way to get Honey Wine is the Node North of Heidel called Alejandro’s Farm. It has 2 Worker-Nodes, one of them for gathering Cooking Honey with your Workers. Every Worker-turn results in roughly 30 Cooking honey, so you can passively make in-between 500-1500 Cooking Honey a day with Alejandro’s Farm.

Due to the very close proximity to Heidel, many people have connected and are gathering at this Node with their Workers, which means that more often than not you can also simply buy huge stacks of Cooking Honey off the Central Market Place.

How to Make Essence of Liquor

While you can usually buy the essence of Liquor from the central marketplace, it’s more profitable to gather yourself the required materials and make it from scratch. Here is the recipe for the essence of Liquor.

The BDO Essence of Liquor Recipe

  • 1 x Fruit
  • 1 x Flour
  • 1 x Leavening Agent

Flour is acquired by grinding any Grain (barley, corn, potato, wheat or sweet potato)
Fruits (Grape, Strawberry) can be either bought from Milano Belucci, farmed with a field, or gathered by your workers at 2 nodes near Olivia.
Leavening Agent can simply be bought at any Food Vendor or Inn-Keeper.

How to Get Fruit

For fruits the most recommended way is to buy them of the Central Market Place, since they are, similar to Cooking Honey, dirt-cheap and available in excess.

In case you have Workers in Olivia you could also get the node at Casta Farm, which produces roughly 30-50 grapes each Worker-Turn.

How to Get Flour

Producing Flour is one of my personal favorite things to do on twinks in order to level my processing skills to skilled 1.
The trick is to work with Tier2 Grains (Special Barley, Special Corn, Special Potato and Special Wheat) to increase your flour-output to roughly 20 per single processed grain.(Of these three materials you need to gather or buy the fruit from the central marketplace and you need to buy or make flour by processing grains (wheat, barley, corn, etc.). The leavening agent can be purchased from a Tavern vendor which are found near or inside the taverns in all the major cities.

In order to make flour, just open your Processing Menu (most likely hotkey “L”), select “Grinding”, choose any type of Grain from your Inventory and start the grinding process.

For normal/white grain you process you get on average 2.5 flour once your processing-level is artisan, this is why it’s very recommended to use high-quality and special grains.

Making Honey Wine

Now that you have all materials in Place we can get onto creating Honey Wine!
Obviously you are aware of how to use your cooking utensil at this point, so there is only 1 advice I have that you should always keep in mind : Only place the amount needed for a single batch. And then run a single batch to verify that the ingredients are really correct!
Once you have done so, you can start batch-cooking your Honey Wine 🙂

For selling them to an imperial trade delivery NPC, you must have a minimum of 50 honey wine to create a pack of Honey Wine.

In case the Guide helped you, maybe or maybe even give our awesome BDO-Bot a chance, you will definitely not regret it.