How to build your BDO Fishing Boat

How to make a fishing boat in BDO

Another thing very unique to Black Desert Online is the existence of boats. For the developers it was not enough to add sheer endless content and tasks to the game on land, so BDO is one of the very little games, that takes you out to the sea as well.
The World is huge, so it is easy to miss, but there are actually a ton of little islands – and actually even a full continent, in the middle of – and on the other side of the sea.

While it’s not strictly necessary to own a boat, you are definitely not only missing out on a lot of fun and adventures, but even on great ways to make silver and the one or other grinding spot.
There is also a lot of other fun mechanics and advantages, like wale hunting, deep-sea fishing and deep-sea scavenging, for all of this having a boat is of big advantage, in case you don’t want to have to ask your girlfriend every time to go somewhere on the open sea….yes, at the start I did not understand the full value of them, so I did not have a boat myself either, but the misses taught me better.

Very detailed infos about the new Boats added in the Great Ocean Update can be found here :

Two different ways to acquire a boat in BDO There are two ways to get a boat in Black Desert Online. The easy way is to simply buy a boat license in the marketplace (if one is for sale), which you then need to register at a wharf manager. The other way is to build a boat.

The first, very straight forward way to get your hands on a boat is to simply buy the license for it in the central market. All you have to do then is go to one of the many Wharf Manager NPCs and register your license with him.
The other, and to be honest much more fun way, is to build your own boat. The exact steps for doing so can be a little bit confusing, but are actually very comprehensive once you have build your first boat. guide.
Let’s let me teach you with the help of this Black Desert Guide

How to Build a Boat

Actually, we are not building a boat directly, but the ship license required to register a boat at the wharf master. It’s practically the same, just sounds and feels a little bit anticlimactic, which is kind of a bad design choice, in my opinion, on the side of Kakao.

In order to start off, first you need to buy a house with contribution points, and turn it into a Shipyard, which can then be, like most other housing entities, be upgraded, in this case up to Tier 3. The shipyards you will exclusively find in coastal towns.

Tier 1 Shipyards

  • Velia
  • Heidel
  • Calpheon
  • Tarif

Tier2 Shipyards

  • Altinova

Tier 3 Shipyards, required to build an Epheria Sailboat

  • Epheria (who would have guessed, hahaha)

In order to build an Epheria Sailboat, you need to have a Tier 3 Shipyard which is only available in Epheria, so depending on your ambitions you should keep this in mind.

When you have finally chosen the shipyard of your choice, you can click on it in order to see which boats you can make, the time production requires and the necessary resources.
In order to start building the ship, you will need to have workers available, who are the ones actually doing the working. In case you don’t have workers at the moment, or want to know some more about them, be sure to check out our Worker Guide.

Tier 3 Shipyard at Epheria Port

One slightly confusing thing is that the time shown is required to make the boat, is actually only for a single turn. This means for the Calpheon Ferry it takes you 65 turns x 20 minutes (the exact time required depends on the speed of your worker), and for the Epheria Sail Boat you need a whopping 4220 turns x 20 minutes.
The Good thing is : several workers can work on your boat consecutively, the bad thing : it still takes a shit ton of time to build an Epheria SailBoat.
But that’s good, since building one, can be almost compared with TETing your Main and Offhand, in regards to PvE progress.
The Workers can also come from various different towns, but keep in mind that the material your worker should work on, always has to be stored in the same town said worker is coming from – not in the town where you build. The worker is always bringing the required materials with him by hand!
It is possible though, to have for example 1 piece of iron ingot in Calpheon, 1 piece of iron ingot in Heidel, and have both workers independently work on iron ingots, it’s only important to correctly split up the materials.

And to clear up another confusing part : After you finished making your boat, the boat license will be automatically put into the storage of the city you build the boat in.

Epheria Sailboat, BDO Rowboat and Other Boats

As of the writing of this article there are 4 different kinds of private boats, with several more subcategories and also some boats that are exclusive to guilds.For the boats everyone can create, there is a raft, a rowboat, a Fishing Boat and the almighty Epheria Sailboat. The only way to produce the raft, is in the Shipyard in Velia.
The Rowboat can be created in every city, and each city has it’s own



The raft is the smallest of the 4 boats, and by far the easiest to make. The required mats consist of only 20 logs and 3 Black Stone Powder. All of the materials can be easily acquired in the Central Market Place.

In case you want to go the full manual route, you can also buy an axe and cut down some trees. Every tree variety drops logs as by-product.
Black Stone Powder you can either get by mining and disenchanting the rough stones, or much better, by simply disenchanting most gems.

The stats for the raft are: Durability: 40,100. Lifespan: 85,441 and Max Load: 180 LT.

Tier 3 Shipyard at Epheria Port


The Rowboat is being build in T1 Shipyards as well, but already a step up from the Raft and obviously needs some more mats for building.
For the Rowboat there are 3 different varieties, and all of them have slightly different stats and requires different materials.

The stats for the regular rowboat are: Durability 70.100. Lifespan 235,201 and Weight limit 360 LT.

The stats for the Calpheon rowboat are: Durability 80.100. Lifespan 376,321 and Weight limit 450 LT.

The stats for the Mediah rowboat are: Durability 90.100. Lifespan 376,321 and Weight limit 360 LT

Here you can see the difference between both the stats, and the required materials for the 3 Boats.

Useable Scantling and other Materials for the Rowboat, where you get them:

Usable Scantling

is made by processing logs. With level 0 processing, you get 1 Useable Scantling out of 10 logs.


Plywood you get from processing whatever timber you need into wood-planks, which you can then further turn into Plywood. This is a long and tedious process, but will greatly level up your Processing Life-Skill while doing so.

With level 0 Processing, 1 Plywood of any kind requires : 50 Timber, which you turn into 10 Planks, which are then being used to create the Plywood.


Are pretty easy to produce. You create them by processing metal ores into shards, to be further crafted into ingots.

With level 0 Processing, 1 Ingot of any kind requires : 50 metal ore, which you turn into 10 metal shards, which are then being used to create the Ingot.

Ash Sap, Cedar Sap, Acacia Sap

Like with most other mats, you can either buy any sap directly in the Central Market, or you can collect it with a Fluid Collector.

Black Stone Powder

Black Stone Powder you can either get by mining and disenchanting the rough stones, or much better, the best method is to simply disenchant most gems, which yields in between 50-150 Black Stone Powder, for ONE SINGLE GEM!

The other way is to have your workers process rough stones into black stone powder, i would very much recommend to go with the crystal disenchanting though, since it is much more cost-effective.
Protip : Buy cheap crystals on the market for a couple of thousand silver, and disenchant them for 2-5x the value in Black Stone Powder!


Timber is very easily acquired either manually by cutting would – or the way i recommend – by having your workers send to different forest-nodes in order to gather various kinds of timber.

The Fishing Boat

The next bigger boat is the Fishing Boat, which is the best boat in my opinion for 99.9% of your needs.
It is fast, has huge storage, a long duration and is, while slightly more tedious than a raft, still pretty easily build.
Don’t make the mistake of trying for an Epheria SailBoat right away, give the Fishing Boat a shot first, and you will see that it is all you can ever dream of for shipping around in Black Desert Online.
In order to build it, you need to have a T2 Shipyard, which can be only found in both Altinova and Epheria.


The Epheria Sailboat

Are you up for a real great challenge? The Epheria SailBoat is the biggest private Ship in Black Desert, Boat definitely doesn’t do this behemoth justice.
It is definitely an awesome feeling to behind the wheel of it, but the way to get there is everything but easy, since the amount of Materials required can only be truly understood once you try gathering all of it.
In order to construct it, you need to have a T3 Shipyard. The time necessary to build it is also pretty crazy with 3220 x 20 minutes. It would take 1 average worker over 45 Days to build it.
Still interested? Here is a quick roundup :


Where to get the needed mats for my Epheria Sailing Boat?

Acquiring the Mats for an Epheria Sailing Boat is not an easy feat. In total the Boat will make you roughly 150.000.000 Silver lighter. Don’t even think about producing it in order to sell on the Central Market – this does not work and will never be worth your time/profitable. Building one for yourself is a very legit choice though, you have to be aware that it’s going to be a long and stony road though.

The Epheria Sailboat Design

In order to get the Sailboat Design, you have to complete a daily by Philaberto in Epheria. You will find him right beside Lamiro Iadans, the Node Manager of Epheria. The Quest is not hard to finish and will only take you a couple of minutes, as it only requires you to take and bring 2 crates to another NPC near the Shipyard. Still – a tedious task that you have to repeat 20 times, which comes down to a minimum of 20 days preparation time to even start making your Boat.

Usable Scantling to Standardized Timber Square

The standardized timber square you get by processing a usable scantling.
It is made by processing usable scantling which is made by processing logs.

With level 0 Processing, 1 standardized timber square requires 10 usable scantlings, for which you need to craft 100 logs.


Steel you get from iron shards, which you get created by heating iron ore.

With level 0 Processing, 1 Steel Ingot requires 5 Coal and 5 Shards, and 5 Shards you get from processing roughly 25 stacks of iron ore.

The steel is made by processing iron ore into iron shards and then process the shards together with coal to make steel ingots.


Every other mat is acquired exactly the same way as mentioned before.

Register boat in Black Desert

Now that you hopefully have your Fishing Boat License already in your inventory, it’s time to register you boat.
The Process is very straight forward and easy, all you need to do is select one of the Wharf Managers that you can find in any coastal city.

Very important to keep in mind : The Wharf Manager CAN NOT be changed, so the place where you register your boat will always be the main wharf.

Best is to choose a location to register your boat, that is very close to the area that you plan to use it most.
All you have to do is talk to the Wharf Manager by pressing “R”, and then press the “Register Ship” Button. Voila, you are now the proud owner of a Yacht .. or Rowboat :).


Boat Accessories

There are lots of boat accessories, and there have been quiet some calculations about the sense and, or nonsense of Boat Accessories in BDO

The functionality of those accessories range from increased speed to enlarged cargo capacity or increased DP.

Unlike boats, you are not producing Boat Accessories in a Shipyard, but in a so called Ship Yard Workshop. Generally all towns that have a Shipyard have a Workshop as well in addition to some other towns like Calpheon.

Like Items, Fishing Rods, Cloths and many other things in Black Desert, Fishing Boat Accessories can be enhanced as well using blackstones.

Also, the Fishing Boat has some unique accessories that can only be acquired for golden seals that you get for finishing certain tasks.
Those seals you can turn in for a Fishing Boat Decoration of Abundance, Fishing Boat Prow of Abundance and Fishing Boat Cargo Container of Abundance.

Accessories always provide the same bonuses :

  • Cargo Containers increase the DP and weight limit.
  • Prow increases the DP and movement speed.
  • Decoration increases the DP.


Notice : For the Abundance Set Bonus to work you need to have all 3 slots filled with Abundance Accessories.

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