Basic Grinding Guide

How to make money in Black Desert you ask?

Grinding is the best activity to make money in game, besides fishing of course and it means killing monsters.You should kill the same monsters for hours to make money. You should choose the monsters which give expensive exchange items in a high amount. This mechanic was already used in popular games as World of Warcraft, but is especially popular in Asian MMOs, like Black Desert.You can exchange these items with NPCs and you will earn money, xp and many other kinds of rewards.You can also grind at the spots where valuable items or the items you need drop. You should camp there for days, weeks or months to be rich. Alternatively you can also check out our BDO-Bot to help with your progress. It will help you increase your efficiency to the maximum, even while you are outside.

How to do that?

– Connect a node close to your grinding spot. Then buy a house at that node.- Hire the storage from a big city for 10 contributions and set it into the house you bought.- Buy a farm coach for cheap price from stable.- Go kill the monsters when you have time and fill the coach and stock the exchange items in the storage in your house.The grinding spot you need must be close to potions and repair NPC. You can find a spot like that at Kusha town at Media. It is close to Saussan Post (54-55 lvl mobs). You can drop very expensive items there, Exchange items and grunil/neir gear. If you are not so strong, then you can use the same house for Elrics or Helmets (52-53 lvl furry mobs and mobs with axes) at the same territory. For lower levels who can’t kill those mobs, you can set the same housing system for Catfish monsters or Manshas which you can kill easily when you are level 50. If you are new to the game, make sure to check out our starter-guide

Final words

There is many ways to farm and grind in black desert and most of the time it comes down to preference.
Grinding for 10 hours on a spot you love will always be more efficient than tormenting yourself for 5 hours for 5% extra gain while losing out on all the fun.