BDO Amity Explained : How Amity in Black Desert Works

Not all quests are available right away. Sometimes you need to become friendly via the Conversation System with NPCs first.

Our example today will be using the conversation system to gain enough Amity from Lara in Heidel city to unlock a quest!
And while the whole Amity-Game feels quiet intimidating at start, you will see that after someone explained the rough outlines to you everything will be very logical and clear.

When you talk to her, check the left side. There is a small circle with symbols around it. It shows your Amity towards the NPC. Amity is how friendly you are with the NPC. Some NPCS like this one give you something when you achieve a certain Amity with them.

In this case it’s a quest, shown here by a golden square with a ? in it. If you mouse-over that icon, it says you require an amity of 30. To gain Amity you will play the Conversation Mini-game by clicking on Conversation

(Note: Some NPCS don’t have the Conversation option unlocked until you talk to a particular NPC that they mention, pay close attention to what they say to understand where to find that NPC).

When you talk to her this new window will appear:

But i hate Amity in BDO!

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Otherwise, here is where a fun and unique mini game begins! You increase your amity by talking to the NPC about other NPCs that you’ve encountered; those are the icons below the screen. The NPCS that appear in the bottom right are ones that the NPC is interested in. You may need to meet more people or gain more knowledge to be successful at the minigame.

Every time you play the objective will be different. You can see the current game’s objective at the top of the screen. Sometimes you need to reach a certain Favor score and sometimes you actually need to fail to interest the NPC!

If the interest level of the NPC is lower than the interest level of the topic NPC from the bottom right it will have a 100% chance of succeeding and you will gain Favor based on the favor range shown.

You will need to add topic NPCs by right clicking them. Keep in mind that usually NPCs in the center of the constellation get repeated during the scoring phase so put higher quality topic NPCs there.

Once you have chosen your topics, click Conversation to begin and see how much Amity you gained!

In this case I have succeeded in the initial goal of “Spark the interest of Lara” so I can now either collect my 17 Amity or Continue the interaction. If I continue the interaction I will be able to play again without spending Energy but if I lose the next time I lose all the Amity gained in this conversation. Once you played the Amity-Game with the same NPC over and over again, you will definitely see the patterns and understand what works best.

Once I have gained enough Amity I will unlock different quests and vendor items. You can check out our Guide for new Players if you are new and feel lost.