How to make purified Water in BDO

How to Make Purified Water in Black Desert Online

Since the early days of Black Desert Purified Water has been one of the most important crafting materials. It has it’s many uses in processing, cooking, alchemy as well as several guild-crafts.
While it is almost impossible to buy on the marketplace due to it’s high demand and relatively low price, you can easily create it yourself in 3 simple steps.

– Buying Empty Water Bottles
– Gathering Water from a fresh-water-source
– Filter the bottled water to receive Purified Water.

In this short guide we will explain all 3 steps

Buying Empty Water Bottles

Empty Water-bottles can be bought at material vendors that can be found in every decently sized city in Black Desert. The NPC-Locater will guide you right to them, you only have to click at the “SCYTHE” Icon in the top right.
Bottles are extremely cheap (20 Silver), but I recommend not to buy too many, since their weight stacks up fast.
For every water gathering turn you will need 1 bottle, but keep in mind that every filled bottle will roughly translate to 2.7 purified water at processing professional.

So if you are out for 600 purified waters, you will need to buy roughly 250 empty water bottles.

Filling your empty Bottles from a Fresh-Water Source

The process of filling up your empty water bottles is very straight forward and easy. All you have to do in order to start gathering water, is putting the empty bottle into your hand while you are standing in water, and right-clicking it.
You can fill up all water-bottles in your inventory by simply ticking the “auto-repeat” check-mark, exactly like with fishing and dropping unnecessary loot. This will keep repeating the process, until you either run out of water-bottles to be filled or energy.

Every gathering turn costs, like all others, 1 energy-point – or less, depending on your gathering level – Keep this in mind when filling up your bottles, because you will need 1 Energy-Point for every turn while processing it into purified water.
The water gathering speed is also affected by your gathering level as-well.

As source for the water every puddle is good enough. But you can also use any river, the sea or any other source of water you can find.

With your bottles in hand, the next step is to find any available source for water.

Gathering water from a fountain in Heidel.

Once you have purchased the bottles you need to go to the next water source. It can be a river, the ocean, a pond or even a small well. Move your character into the water source and right-click the bottle. This will start your gathering and note that gathering water costs energy in exactly the same way as any other kind of gathering.

Filter the bottled water to receive Purified Water.

The final step for turning water into purified water is very straight forward and can be done from any location.

Simply press “L”, or your designated Processing-Window Hotkey. Here, among many different processing options, you will find “Filtering”.
Click it, choose your water and start the processing.

That’s already it! 🙂
Now your character will turn all your water bottles into Purified Water for further processing.

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