BDO Investment Banks

BDO Investment Banks

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— Currently not finished, created by user Haraphem —

Hey everyone, after hearing about Investment Banks and finding very little information about them online, I decided to check them out myself. I’ve started a spreadsheet to show just how risky, and profitable Investment Banks in BDO can be:

As you can see, I pulled away from NWP (Northern Wheat Plantation) and Florin after just a few investments. I found the CP (contribution point) cost for both Lodging Workers and connecting the nodes to be inefficient. So onto Calpheon, or Gringotts, as I’ve started to call it, read on:

Getting started:
At first, you will not see the investment banks inside Calpheon. To unlock the Investment Banks inside Calpheon (or any major city, I just focus on Calpheon because it has larger investment options) you must channel your inner interior designer. Call you friends for help if you don’t quite have the touch, or just buy chandeliers, lots and lots of chandeliers. “For every house that you can turn into a living house there is a ranking. The more cool furniture (decor points) you have, the higher you are in that rank. If you reach top 1 spot in this particular house – investment banks will be open.” [email protected] (Quoted from a comment on this post: ) For this, I recommend you find a house in town with a low Top Rank. Calculate how many Interior Points you can achieve (or buy a residence near the bank and cram all your stuff inside). Can you reach the top of any house with your current points? Awesome, go get that top spot!

Now, when you open your world map and click into Calpheon, you’ll see 4 Investment Banks that are now unlocked. Now let’s start investing. The lowest tier Investment Bank is Lasquean Ljurik Investment Bank. To start investing, you need to have 1,000,000 worth of Gold Ingot 1G’s in the Calpheon Storage (Gold Ingot 1G x 10 – NOT Gold Ingot 10G). You will also need a worker in Calpheon. I’m currently under the impression that Work Speed is the only factor that affects investment banking. (Luck may increase the chance of retaining bricks, or the actual return, but this is only speculation) For this reason, I choose to use Goblins, as they have the highest work speed. This will just reduce the amount of time it takes to complete an investment (or 1 work cycle).

Awesome, you have Gold Ingot’s in your storage and you have a Worker ready to go. Hit the node and start working! Now the best part, you just wait. After ~14 Hours, assuming a 65 Work Speed, you’ll have your first return! Or loss…

Yep, you can lose money on these, after all, it is an investment, and they are never guaranteed. It is very possible for your workers to return less Gold Ingots than what you send them with and not return enough money to cover the lost bricks (gold ingots). Any way to prevent this? For now, I have no idea, but my only theories right now, are leveling the bank nodes themselves with energy.

What I do know is, I’m currently making a profit from investments, and it would take a lot of brick drops to put me in the negative. So I plan on trying some things out with the banks and sharing with you my current plans and showing you future results. Let’s start with our banking options in Calpheon.

Calpheon Bank Options:

Lasquean Ljurik Investment Bank – 1,000,000

Has high interest with short-term deposit, but may lead to a loss of capital.

Emphasizes that Brick Drops are possible within the investment. It seems that through multiple investments of the same node, you will return profit. I will continue to do research to see just how often Bricks Drop vs. Profit Returns.

Luolo Grebe Investment Bank – 4,000,000

Has high interest with short-term deposit, but may lead to a loss of capital.

Lehard Mertenan Investment Bank – 20,000,000

The capital is guaranteed to prevent loss, but must be deposited for a long time with low interest.

These interests, like Florin and NWP will not Brick Drop, but will have returns from 1%-4%, maybe a bit higher. I’ll be investing energy into the 20m Investment Bank

Enrique Encarotia Investment Bank – 100,000,000

The capital is guaranteed to prevent loss, but must be deposited for a long time with low interest.

I’m currently investing my energy in the 20,000,000 Bank Node, and will start investing once I’ve leveled a Goblin to Professional. Or doing the amity game to get one from the contract worker – still have to look into this, but I hear it’s possible, comments appreciated)

I currently have 5 Skilled Goblin Workers in Calpheon. The 2 Goblins with the highest work speed do the 1,000,000 and 4,000,000 investments, while I level the remaining 3 at the NWP farm nodes. The reason I do this, is because each work cycle at an investment (which takes 12H+ right now) will only level a worker once. Even after an 18H investment, a level 1 goblin will only reach level 2. In 18H on a farm node, a Skilled Goblin can level multiple times from level 1. By doing this, I’m able to have the highest work speed goblin for each investment when it rolls around, and I’ll be able to do promotion tests for a chance to get professional goblins, which will have an even higher work speed.

Like I said, this guide is ongoing, and even though some bricks (gold ingots) have been lost, I plan to keep investing as I find it a pretty cool way to gain money in Black Desert. And after a near 20% return on 4,000,000; I’d love to see a return on the 100,000,000 Investment Bank, however the risk of losing that brick…

As soon as the the top spot is taken away while you have on-going investments, the workers will finish the job, and provide a return. However, you lose access to the banks after this point, and can no longer do future investments, until reclaiming the top spot.

Be sure to check out our fishing guide , you will find a lot of information there how to really maximize your passive income with the help of our awesome BDO MultiBot

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments please ask, or inform the community here! Good luck, have fun and may your Calpheon look like Gringotts!

Information about the Bdo Pearl Shop

Information about the Bdo Pearl Shop

The cash shop is weird, and here is our picks for the best bang for your buck!

No items in the cash shop are necessary to be competitive but some are better than others. Our goal is not to discuss whether items are Pay2Win or overpriced but to talk about which items are more useful than others. At the end we’ll include some recommended collections based on a few different budgets. We hope that the information provided here can help you!

Top Cash Shop Items

These are items we think are incredibly valuable to have and make the game a lot more fun to play.

  • Pets ($9.00 USD each) – Get 1 of each below. Only try for high tier pets if you have deep pockets ($100+ budget). It will cost you $18 per attempt to get a higher tier pet as your merge 2 similar pets together.
    • Cats detect nearby gathering nodes
    • Dogs detect flagged PVP players
    • Hawks detect nearby elite mobs
  • Weight Limit Increase ($6.00 to $29.50 USD)
    • You can buy one of each Weight increase. All combined would cost $29.50 Get what you can afford but this will have priority over Inventory Space
    • Weight Limit is also very hard to increase. There are some items that increase it and you can carry trade packs to very slowly increase your strength but being able to buy 300 LT increase right away is a big boost.

Nice to have Cash Shop Items

These items are nice to have but you really don’t need them to enjoy the game to it’s fullest. Certain items may appeal to different players.

  • Inventory Space Upgrade (About $1.00 per slot)
    • You can get over 30 inventory slots via quests so only buy these if you find yourself running into inventory issues.
  • Costumes ($32 USD)
    • Costumes look nice and provide some small bonuses that don’t provide a ton of value. I would say you need to love the costume to make it worth spending so much on it.
    • Bonuses for entire set: 10% Increased EXP, +0.5 meter jump height, Stamina +100, Decreases Weapon Durability loss 10%, 10% Decreased Death Penalty

Items to Avoid

  • Belle Epoque Wagon Set ($20 USD)
  • Dark Thorn Fishing Boat ($20 USD)

Why avoid these 2 items? Yes they include a token to redeem both a Wagon and a Fishing Boat but they are very overpriced. You will be able to buy wagons for 200-400k silver and fishing boats for 600-900k silver or you can just craft them yourself. These are totally not worth the price and there are much better items to spend your money on.

Suggested Combinations to Purchase

  • Budget: $10.00 USD (1000 Pearls)
    • 1 Cat Pet (900 Pearls)
    • Leftover 100 pearls
  • Budget: $20.00 USD (2040 Pearls)
    • 1 Cat Pet (900 Pearls)
    • 1 Dog or Cat (900 Pearls)
    • Leftover 240 pearls
  • Budget: $30 USD (3200 Pearls)
    • 1 Cat (900 Pearls)
    • 1 Dog (900 Pearls)
    • 1 Hawk (1100 Pearls)
    • Leftover 300 Pearls
  • Budget: $60.00 USD (6600 Pearls)
    • 2 Cats (1800 Pearls)
    • 1 Dog (900 Pearls)
    • Pick One
      • Max Weight Increase 300 LT (2950 Pearls)
      • Costume (3200 Pearls)
    • Leftover 700 to 950 Pearls (Another pet for breeding or inventory slots)
  • Budget $100+
    • Tier 3 pets (Cat. Dog, Hawk)
      • Best case: 5800 Pearls if every T1 pet you buy morphs into T3 directly and you don’t care which passive skills they get.
      • Worst case: 8700. This can go much higher if you do not get the special pet skills that you wanted.
    • Costume (3200 Pearls)
    • Max Weight Increase 300 LT (2950 Pearls)
    • 2xInventory +8 (1600 Pearls)
    • 13550 Pearls to 16450 Pearls

We’re always open to feedback so let us know!

Can i not just use a BDO Bot and save my money?

Yes you can! It is not 100% necessary to invest any money in Black Desert directly, and for the price of not only 2 pets, you can buy our Black Desert Bot that will continuously help you to buy hundreds of pets on the market place for Silver. For this be sure to check out our Fishing-Guide , that will get you started in no time on your conquest to enslave the World of BDO.

Comprehensive Guide about Contribution Points in BDO

Comprehensive Guide about Contribution Points in BDO

Contribution Points in Black Desert Online are a very interesting commodity. Unlike silver, and resources in general, contribution Points in BDO are reusable. This is pretty awesome, because it allows you to test many different things in the game, without having to worry about maybe making some inexcusable mistake.
I personally have tested many different variations because of this, from investing my 300 contribution points in 30 farms, in order to produce an ungodly amount of high quality (blue) herbs for my Herbal Juice money making scheme (hint : it still works and is very profitable over 3 years later), or putting all my workers towards farming for my Fishing Boat
within the next couple of paragraphs, you will learn to understand what exactly Contribution Points are in BDO, and how to use them, in an as comprehensive way as possible.

So, Contribution Points?

Contribution Points are similar to silver, with the difference that it is a replenish-able resource, that you can only spend for interactions with NPCs and the non-alive Black Desert Online World in general. You can just retrieve them and spend them over and over again, without any penalty at all. Sounds awesome? Yup, because it is.

The image shows where the contribution points are shown and how many can be invested.
In the top left, among other stats, you see your amount of contribution points. In my case i have 2 out of 291 contribution points free, and 289 Points used.

As I said, with just the click of a button you can retrieve your contribution points and reuse them, so never hesitate about investing them, your CP counter should always be as close to 0 as possible.

Withdrawing contribution points is as easy as taking a lolly from a baby, no exaggeration, maybe even easier.
All you have to do is press “Withdraw Contribution”, and you instantly get your Contribution Points back to your Bank Account.

There’s no doing wrong, really, try as many things as possible and let us know in our Discord what you enjoyed most!

How to increase Contribution Points in BDO.

Increasing your Contribution Points is either done by completing Quests, or with side-loots from various Life-Skills like Cooking and Alchemy. As crazy as it sounds, only by cooking beer i managed to increase my contribution points by over 15 in a single night of cooking! But always keep in mind, that the experience required to level up your contribution points is on a logarithmic scale, meaning : the higher your contribution points, the exponentially harder it will be to achieve the next level up. Exactly like with normal leveling.

Questing for Contribution Experience.

At the start of the game, the only reasonable way to gain contribution experience is by completing quests. Almost every quest in Black Desert Online rewards a certain amount of contribution experience. The Black Spirit quests are particularly good for this as you also gain a decent amount of combat experience in addition to inventory slots when going through them.

Daily Contribution Experience Quests.

Starting level 20 you can do your so called “dailies” which are your daily contribution quests. Daily, because they are reset every day at midnight, allowing you to do them over and over again.
The quests are rather simple than hard and you will be able to do them within minutes once you get the hang of it.

Here you will find a video on how to best level up your contribution points doing a very efficient routine in Heidel.

Contribution Experience Through Cooking and Alchemy.

Every turn in Alchemy and Cooking yields you some side-drops, which are collectibles that can be turned in to certain NPCs, namely Dish with Poorly prepared Ingrediants , Weakened reagent and Mutant Plant.
Those 3 sidedrops increase your contribution points a little bit, generally neglectable, but in case you are producing beer or herbal juice with our Black Desert Bot , you will notice quiet a big boost in contribution points over just a single night of automated processing.
In order to get to the trade-in recipe, just right click on of the 3 mentioned items, press the “Show NPC” button, and the Black Desert Online GPS System will directly navigate you to them.

Generally, when you want to explicitly cook or do alchemy for CP, it is advisable to pick an recipe with very cheap production cost and something that can be reused.
The amount of by-products you create, is directly correlated to the number of batches you produce, not the quality or value.

What are Contribution points here for?

One of the most important uses for contribution points is in order to produce items in various tool shops and to occupy nodes. Nodes are the little dots you see all over the big map.
They allow you to connect cities to each other, create trade routes and create your own passive income empire.

In order to get your first node, all you have to do is go to any node, talk to the little guy standing nearby, and press “Invest”.
Very important to know is that the investment is only TEMPORARY! This means, unlike with silver, you can withdraw and reinvest your contribution points as often as you like – without any penalty and with absolutely no limitations.

As little Pay2Win feature, Kakao even allows you to invest and withdraw your contribution points from EVERYWHERE, in case you have the ValuePack Buff for the price of 10 energy.

You need contribution points to both increase your storage capacity, and buy houses as well. Once you get the hang of it, i can promise you that you will be able to spend 5 times the contribution points – of the theoretical maximal limit of the game.

The last use of contribution points is renting items – depending on your plan, in the early phases of the game this can be an extremely smart smove, since it allows you to rent high-level gear, just at level 5.

This Guide is obviously not finished and there is a lot of polishing and formatting to do, but I hope that I was able to give you some rough insight about what Contribution Points in BDO are.

A comprehensive Guide about Bdo Auto Fishing

A comprehensive Guide about Bdo Auto Fishing

This guide is still a work in progress! The information is valid, but will be added upon and the layout is also going to be polished soon.

No Bullshit – Effective Auto-Fishing in Black Desert Online

Everything in MMORPG games like Black Desert Online works around balancing multiple factors together into one action and it’s hard to find comprehensive information about anything. There are so many aspects to consider for every part of the game – that there is never one single right answer.

Auto-fishing in Black Desert Online is a great method of spending your in-game AFK time. It’s an amazing option for everyone because of all the possible combinations it offers.

Whether you are a beginner, with no silver – or a pro-gamer with a Razor Gaming chair, Auto-fishing is a viable option for you to spend your AFK time doing.

I plan on going over every one of those balancing factors, while explaining why each of them is important and what is the best option for each of them. However, taking this into account – you will need to decide yourself what the best setup for your playstyle will be. You will have to chose to pick between profit, comfort, reliability and time input.

Profit – There are methods that will net you more silver per hour, however they require more time input, skill levels, investment – not all of us have. Sometimes all it takes is two, three hours extra a day and you can multiply your daily silver intake by a factor of two or even three.

Comfort – There are methods that net us less silver but are very convenient and don’t require much from us – as the player. e.g.: Less Time input, Lower Requirements, Less Investment needed, Less Setup required.

Reliability – There are methods that CAN net you the most silver per hour possible, however are unreliable and unstable depending on factors like – Game RNG, The current market saturation and the current in-game environment.

Now that I’ve explained the basics behind the game mechanics, let’s get into a boat together and go over the: How’s, Do’s and Don’ts of swimming in silver!

Starting off – your first choice while auto-fishing is going to be which grade of fish you want to keep. The fish grades going from least valuable to most valuable are: white, green, blue, yellow and orange.

NOTE: We are only talking about fish, e.g. Green Relic Shards are worth more than Orange fish.

When you start auto-fishing, and your Fishing skill is only beginner – the only choice that you have available will be to discard white fish. However, as your fishing skill increases – you will unlock new possibilities for your character.

You will level your fishing skill by mainly, well – fishing. This can be auto-fishing or active fishing. You can also increase your fishing level by doing certain quests.

From Beginner 1 you can discard white fish.

From Professional 1 you can discard green and white fish.

From Artisan 1 you can discard blue, green and white fish.

From Master 1 you can discard orange, blue, green and white fish.

Discarding fish is a good idea, if you fish for longer periods of time – and do not have the Inventory Space capacity to hold all your fished items. It makes sense to be as efficient as possible, and only hold on to the best possible drops, rather than a bunch of worthless items. How convenient, time efficient and profitable you want to be with your available Inventory Space – is up to you as the player. Just remember that being too “inventory efficient” can also be an issue as, you don’t want to wake up to a barely filled inventory – as each empty space is essentially deleted silver.

#TIP 1. Be as Efficient as possible with your inventory space.

On that note – you should always check the “Do not board other adventures ships” box – as you can have a wild surprise one-day and find your character in a completely unfamiliar place.

#TIP 2. Always check the “Do not board other adventures ships” box.

Fishing Rods & Floats

Now that we went over the basic premises of fishing – lets get into it. The most important thing for fishing after your friendly H2O – water, is having a fishing rod.

There are multiple fishing rods in Black Desert Online – however they all come down to two categories. Reparable and Non-Reparable fishing rods – As you can imagine, Renewable fishing rods can be fixed via Blacksmith or other means, while Non-Renewable fishing rods can only be used until their durability runs out.

IconRod NameLevel RequirementEffectDurabilityReparable
TBFOld Fishing RodBeginner 0None10No
TBFFishing RodBeginner 0None30No
TBFTriple-Float Fishing RodSkilled Lv. 5Multiple Fish Per Catch30No
TBFThick Fishing RodBeginner Lv. 10Fishing Speed +1 Lv.40No
TBFMediah Fishing RodArtisan Lv. 1Chance to catch Rare Fish +1%50Yes
TBFBalenos Fishing RodBeginner 0Auto-fishing Time -10%50Yes
TBFEpheria Fishing RodBeginner 0+5 more durability per enhancement (10 total)50Yes
TBFCalpheon Fishing RodProfessional Lv. 1Chance to catch Big Fish +1%50Yes
TBFSteel Fishing RodSkilled Lv. 5Fishing Speed +2 Lv.65No
TBFGolden Fishing RodArtisan Lv. 1Fishing Speed +3 Lv.100No
TBFTerrmian Fishing RodBeginner 0Fishing Level +5

Chance to catch Rare Fish and Big Fish +10%


All the non-reparable rods (except for the Triple Float Rod) are only good up until you get the level requirements to equip the reparable rods. This is because the non-reparable rods do not give any effects other than fishing speed levels.

Fishing Speed levels are important as they will decrease your bite time. Bite time is the time it takes for a fish to be caught onto your rod, which is incredibly important – as this is the base time of fishing. This stat has a level cap at 5, and anything beyond that cap does not give any status effects.

Usually the best Auto-fishing rod is the Balenos Fishing Rod, as it gives a -25% auto fishing time reduction time, when enhanced to the maximum level.

All the artisan fishing rods are named after the ports in Black Desert Online, you can craft or buy them from the marketplace. They can also be enhanced, which increases the base effect values that they each have.

IconFloat NameLevel RequirementEffectDurabilityReparable
TBFAsh Tree FloatProfessional Lv. 1Chance to catch Big Fish +1%50Yes
TBFMaple Tree FloatArtisan Lv. 1Chance to catch Rare Fish +1%50Yes

Floats are like a sub-weapon for your fishing rod. They give a bonus effect while equipped while fishing. They work on the same basis as artisan fishing rods, where they can be enhanced to enrich the base values of the effect that they give.

Your Fishing Skill and Rods

Your fishing skill does not only dictate what rods and floats you can wear. The higher your fishing level is, the less likely you are to lose durability upon a casting your rod. This is very important, as it makes it possible to use one rod for a longer period.

To visualize this, let’s see this in effect while using an Epheria Rod +4 (70 Durability).

  • At Beginner 1 you would typically get around 90 throws, before the durability of the rod would reach 0.
  • At Master 1 you would typically get around 135 throws, before the durability of the rod would reach 0.

NOTE: The actual calculation that is done in-game by the game engine is as follows: “Durability use on fishing rods is determined as 90 – (0,5 * fishing level) = % chance to decrease durability on use.”

Now this might not seem as a big change, however it is a 50% increase in our maximum fishing time with that given rod. This is highly convenient as it allows us for longer AFK – periods.

Finally, if we would want to further decrease our durability usage, for convenience reasons – we are able to do so by using a Brand Spell Stone from the Item shop which would reduce the durability consumption of one item by 50%.

Fishing Times

The base fishing time is called the bait time and it is calculated with your Fishing Speed level (maximum of 5) and the resource level of the area you are fishing in.

The following items will increase your Speed Fishing Level:

  • Fishing Clothes
  • Costumes
  • Rods
  • Certain Foods
  • Guild Buffs

Each fishing level – increases your average bite time significantly, which can be seen in the table below. The following table was graphed using a resource level of Abundant:

Fishing SpeedAverage time for bite (seconds)
1 (75%)67.5
2 (56%)50.6
3 (42%)37.9
4 (32%)28.5
5 (24%)21.3

In order of best to worst which the area resource levels are is:

  1. Abundant
  2. Average
  3. Not Enough
  4. Exhausted

Where abundant offers the quickest bait time.

The base auto-fishing time is called the auto time and is a flat timer of 3 minutes.

The auto time can be lowered with:

  • Certain Pets (Marmot, Penguin, Polar Bear)
    • The bonus from these pets cannot be stacked.
    • These pets give a base of 10% auto-fishing time reduction, along with a +1% per pet level.
    • Tier 4 pets give a 20% auto-fishing time reduction, along with a 1% per pet level.
  • Balenos Rod
    • This rod gives a -10% auto-fishing time reduction.
    • The rod can be enhanced to +10 gaining -25% auto-fishing time reduction.
  • Certain Foods
    • Arehaza Meal
  • While having a fishing level of 5, we gain an 5% auto time

The maximum amount of time the 300 second auto time can be lowered to is 135 seconds, as the auto time cap reduction is at a maximum of 55%.

Total fishing time is calculated by adding the bait time with the auto time.

Fishing Locations

There are two types of fishing when it comes to auto-fishing.

  • Regular
  • Margoria

Regular fishing (fishing in any water) is great – as its convenient, however it is not the best option for silver.

Margoria fishing is great however it’s a long distance away and is very inconvenient for a lot of people. It also has some hefty requirements to get really into. Such as:

  • High Inventory Space
  • High fishing skill level/rod level/branded rod.
  • A epheria level sailboat.

On the other hand Margoria fishing also has benefits to it, such as:

  • Higher Relic Drop Rate.
  • Fish are worth more silver.
  • Bite time is significantly reduced.

The option in-between the two, that a lot of people recommend is Tooth Fairy Cabin – as it seems to have a higher relic drop rate than regular places, without the bite time reduction and the higher fish price.


One important thing that should not be neglected is a well balanced Node-Setup combined with an as big Worker Force as your contribution points allow. Often highly underestimated, all that your workers need is Beer to endlessly push your economy and silver gain by up to 30%. A short Guide by us about how to efficiently make all the beer in bdo you can ever need, will explain the process of brewing your own beer in detail.


In black desert online there are two ways to sell your fish.

  • Regular Merchant
  • Imperial Vendor

Regular merchants offer you the base price + distance % bonus. The distance % bonus is great, as you can sell your fish for a lot more, the further away you sell them.

However, the fish have a expire time – and after the initial 2 hours, their price will begin to gradually drop. Starting from the 100% base price, it will drop all the way to 30%, after which the fish will expire, and you will be unable to sell them. You have 24 hours to sell your fish, after this time period they become spoiled and no vendor will take them off your dirty spoiled hands.

Imperial Vendor offers you 250% of the fish base price, along with a chance to gain a special token – which you can exchange for some additional rewards. Additionally, the fish base price does not change, and you will always continue to get the 250% of the fish base price.

The downside to Imperial Vendors is that – distance bonus does not work on them, and additionally there is a certain quota that gets periodically refreshed of how many the vendor can “buy” from any player on a given channel.

This can be a slight inconvenience as with bigger inventories you can find yourself doing multiple channel hops to empty out your inventory.

We wrote an extensive guide dedicated about where and how to sell your fish for maximizing your bdo profit.

Words of Fishdom

Take this advice from Crio-Thanos,

Everything in MMORPG games like Black Desert Online works around balancing multiple factors together into one action.

  • Bait Time
  • Auto-fishing Reduction Time
  • Fishing Speed
  • Fishing Level
  • Rods & Floats
  • Fishing Locations
  • Time, Silver input
  • Convenience

Find a sweet-spot that works well for you – and do that. Don’t try to force any guides upon yourself, because at the end of the day, that’s how you burn yourself out. Try to apply the advice given in a way that you find suitable.

Fishing is great, for beginners and for veterans. With a healthy setup – AFK fishing 24 hours per day and taking two sell breaks throughout the day (around 5 minutes each) – you can easily make about 80-100m/day.

If you liked this guide, be sure to check out our new Great Ocean Guide and our Guides Section in general!

Several “secret” BDO Grinding Spots

Several 'secret' BDO Grinding Spots

Grinding Spot Guide Work in Progress:

This guide – like all other guides – is currently a work in progress.

This BDO Grinding Spot Guide takes a look at the many hunting zones in Black Desert, in which you can level. Lets use a table to sort BDO Grinding Spots by Level, AP, DP, Silver per hour, and Experience.

As many other things, it is very hard to choose the correct place to farm, since there are sheer endless possibilities. With this BDO Grinding Spot Guide we are trying to create a comprehensive archive of useful Grinding Spots for Money, Grinding spots for XP and Grinding spots for items.

Highlight of our Guide:

  • Data-table s with a lot of secret and not so secret Grindspots
  • Tips on which are the best bdo grinding spots for money
  • A list of recommended Videos by very passionate BDO Players
  • Everything else you need to maximize your gains!

You should always keep in mind, that even with all this tips, the best grinding spot not only depends on your gear, population, your class, but also very much on your own preferences and play-style. What works for someone else perfectly, might be mindbogglingly boring to you. So in case you cannot get warm with a Grinding Spot even though many people recommend it as the Crème de la Crème, don’t sweat it, and just find another spot. You know the saying, there are lot’s of fish in the sea, right ? ?

BDO Grinding Spots For Money

When playing an open-ended game like Black Desert, it is important to make every hour of grinding count. In total you can improve your grinding efficiency in Black Desert Online by more than 400% with some optimizations !

Item Collection Scroll: Have you ever wondered if the increased drop rate scroll works in a different way. I have heard people saying that the bonus will not only be added additive. Consider that an item has a drop rate of 1%. If you have a 50% increased drop rate chance, it will be calculated as 0.01 + 0.01 × 0.5 = 0.015 which is still a small chance. Usually for items with very less drop chance, the increase in drop chance given by the scrolls are less likely to be noticed. I also believe that this is how it works.

This is 100% how they work. They are a useless item in places where drop chance of alreadt low. Save them for valencia or pirates

Any place with blue accessory drops that are in demand in the meta that you also have at +10 node, that also drops enhanced greens, relic/book/scroll and black stones. This is the bulk of your money from a loot scroll.

I did the math on stream once based on the drop rates. So helms, hexe, and pirates in that order. Never use scrolls for yellow accessory drops on thin loot tables (crescents, aakman, hystria, etc…) because you’re making way less per hour.

No those are additive. So it’s a total sum of percentage default (let’s say 100) + costume (10) + VP (30) + part splendid exp (15) + milk tea (8) = 163% of the exp total per hit or an extra 63% from exp add ons.

Besides pets, the biggest influencer of money earned at grinding spots is the Item Collection scroll available in the Pearl Shop. The numbers here don’t include that. I frequently see players report an increase of 60% when using these. From my own experience, I noticed a big difference, but unfortunately didn’t think about doing the math and recording it against a normal grinding spot session.

You can also obtain Item Collection Scrolls by turning in 10 Dark Spirit’s Greed from completing Dark Rifts. You get 1 per Dark Rift, so it’s not an easily repeatable thing.

Pets: Silver is highly impacted by pets. If you only have 1 pet, you can’t earn the money reported at these grinding spots because loot will be left behind. Money reflects 5 Tier 3 pets. Polar Bears increase your weight limit by up to +50LT, which can increase both your XP/Hour Rate and Silver/Hour Rate greatly, but allowing you to bring more potions in order to minimize your downtime. In my tests, up to 39% of the time was actually spend running back and forth restocking/repairing/dropping items, this is insane to take into context. The other recommended Pets are Dogs, which add up to 4% Combat XP at Tier 4, multiplied by 5 this is a whopping 20% of extra combat xp!

Value Pack: The reduced market rate alone with the Value Pack is – well – invaluable.

  • Inventory Expansion 16 slots
  • Storage Expansion 16 slots
  • Combat/Skill/Life/Horse EXP +10%
  • Distant Node Investment (Consumes 10 Energy)
  • Max Weight Limit +100LT
  • 30% bonus to the Marketplace sales collection amount

Combined with all the other stats, it is obvious that it is probably one of the most imba buffs in Black Desert Online, and most player have a Value Pack actively running pretty much all day – every day – every week – every year .

To sell, or not to sell : Most money in Black Desert is made by trading in collectibles from Farming and selling items at the BDO Market Place, also known as Central market. You are free to sell everything for a profit, since in almost all cases the profit-scaling of items is very limited by Black Desert Planned Market (restricted prices). There are some exceptions where crafting can double you revenue, but this is rather the exception, and in all circumstances requires a big time commitment and a lot of math. Like in real life, everything that is easy, does not return a lot. Items like Spirit Dust, which are limited from selling, still have some value to them since you need it in order to craft a Caphras Stone. Ancient Spirit Dust is quiet valuable because of this, but if you prefer to buy your Items fully enchanted on the Central market in order to avoid as much RNG frustration as possible, it makes sense to just sell absolutely everything without exception.

What factors do affect money making in bdo?

There are too many small factors to mention them all, but the biggest are : Your Gear, both AP and DP Your Class Your Level PVP Interactions Weight Limit Inventory Size Travel Distance to NPCs Maid Count Party Size Motivation Special-Events Buffs RNG

Yeah well, and those are from all. It is close to impossible to have every single of those factors optimized to 100% efficiency, like always in life sometimes we have to make compromises, so it does not make sense to manically try to force something. Instead keep those factors in your head, and try to optimize whatever is possible in a relaxed way while playing BDO.

Grinding Spots Combat Exp Per Hour

While not as prone to RNG as Grinding for Money in Black Desert, Combat Exp per hours can also have a high variance to it, because of all the factors just mentioned above. Even details that seem very disconnected, like Inventory Size or Weight limit, can have an enormous effect on your achieved XP/Hour. A good way to keep track of your efficiency and XP/HR is to use our one and only XP/HR Tracker, that is included in our Black Desert Online Bot. My number 1 advice is to keep the down-times to an absolute minimum, and always keep the walking distance between you and npcs for selling/storing/reparing and restocking in mind.

More detailed information about all the different +% Combat Exp Buffs, all possible combination and how to best combine them, you can find in our BDO Leveling Guide.

Grinding Spot Videos and Black Desert Video Guides

Here are some videos of people who put a ton of work and effort into doing various calculations, so it is definitely worth it to check it out.

Black Desert Help for Beginners

It’s always hard to be a new player in a game, but more-so in Black Desert. Due to the sheer endless amount of possibilities, it’s very hard to understand the priorities and what to do to really efficiently progress in the game. This Video showcases how a veteran proceeds in Black Desert Online, when starting again from scratch. Be Sure to also check out our beginner Guide found here :

How to make over 30 Million Silver as Beginner in Black Desert

Once you have mastered your first steps and understand the basics, I would recommend to continue here in order to make some more silver in addition to the Ancient Relic Crystal Shards that your Black Desert Online Bot brings.

General help to choose where to grind with xp AP in BDO

Now it is time to really start up the grind-machine. This Video is a good Guideline, and I recommend all new Players in Black Desert Online to check it out.

The Best Grinding Spots for EXP at level 56-59

Even in later stages you might sometimes feel lost, since the mass of possibilities and different Choices rather increases than decreases, so on your way from Level 56 to 59, check out this Video.

The Best Grindspot for level 60

At this point you came very far, and to really maximize your grinding efficiency, check out this Black Desert Video-Guide.

Grind Spots in Mediah (Low and Medium AP)

A very undervalued spot for Farming, because it is already implemented in the game since 2016, is Mediah. There are a ton of awesome Grinding Spots, and back in the past all of them would be crowded 24 hours a day, on all channels. For some the endless battle over Saurons with other guilds were the hey-days of Black Desert Online, while others, especially solo players or small groups, had absolutely no Chance to complete for this spots.

With the many updates ever since the first release of Mediah, a ton of new spots for leveling and grinding money have been added into the game, and Mediah slowly has become forgotten. So today, all the sweetest spots from the past are barely contest, which many people take as sign that there are no good Grind Spots in Mediah anymore – this is a widespread misconception. There are both areas that are not only great for farming xp, but also yield a respectable amount of Silver at the same time. Also Forbidden Books can drop everywhere in Mediah, which are combine-able like Ancient Relic Crystal Shards, in order to start a Boss-Quest with Memory Fragments as reward.

Helms post (90-110 AP)

Recommended Level51 ~ 54Lv
Distance Efficiency between Village★★★☆☆The village is far away, but there is a NPC that allows you to repair right around the corner (Node Manager)
User Density★☆☆☆☆*cricketsound*
Difficulty★★★☆☆Besides the Golems quiet easy and straight forwart
Hunting Sensation★★★★☆Thrill of mass hunting the sturdy Helm tribe monsters
Unique DropAsula’s Crimson Eye Ring, Asula’s Crimson Eye Earring, Scarla Necklace
Mount ParkingNecklace, Earring, RingNPC Bolero in front of the Helms Post
Type of Monster ZoneHunting for growthWhen a character’s total AP is above a certain level, the efficiency does not increase. It is recommended to visit more efficient hunting ground.

Oh boy, I can remember back in the spring of 2016 when I first saw the beautiful Landscape surrounding this area. Everyone was crazy about grinding at Helms. You had constant guild battles going on, over who is allowed to farm. This was during a time when a PVP Death still brought heavy penalties with it, including the destruction of your gems and the losing of XP. So on an unlucky day you might start with 20% on your level 50, and at the end of the day you are back at 0%.  But it was worth it! Hands down, Helms Post is one of the best places to farm early-on in the game. Today Guilds don’t care about Helms Post anymore, which allows new players to kick-start their Black-Desert Online Experience by making rapid progress.

The Helms Post consists of 3 Areas :

The Outer Area The Main Post The Caves

All those areas are absolutely awesome for grinding, but i would recommend to sticking first the first 2. The mobs are dropping a lot of valuable trash loot that can be sold to an NPC for a fixed amount. Lateron, once your AP is going towards 200, you can start farming the deep depths of the caves, where are a lot of elite-mobs and the drops are even better.

Here is an awesome Video-Guide, showing one of the best farming routines for Helms :

Abandoned Iron Mines (70-90 AP)

Recommended Level51 ~ 53Lv
Distance Efficiency between Village★★☆☆☆Close to town, but the hunting ground is so large…
User Density★☆☆☆☆Barely a human soul around
Difficulty★★☆☆☆Generally easy, but the Elite Mobs might be able to 1-punch you with their power-strikes
Hunting Sensation★★★☆☆With the Elite Mobs you will not get bored, but since you can evade their attacks, you can kill them even with bad gear.
Unique DropNecklace, EarringsAsula’s Crimson Eye Necklace, Ridell Earring
Mount ParkingDepends on start location
Type of Monster ZoneHunting for growthWhenOnce you reach a certain character level and AP it makes sense to move onto the next spot to incrase you xp & silver per hour.

Another one of the most popular forgotten grinding spots in BDO. My own, and a lot of other very big guilds would run xxl guild grind missions on this spot every single day, since due to the high density of monsters it allowed to complete very big quests very fast. But not only is the monster density great, they additionally have a very nice drop rate for several valuable items. That’s it you think, but no, in addition it was one of the highest xp/hr grind spots in the game. Now you can probably understand why it was so popular, and cannot understand why it isn’t anymore. Well, I cannot either.

The Abandoned Iron Mines is a large ring-shaped Area with 3 layers of rings, all accompanied by an unbelievable view. The basic layout allows for a very good and natural farming routine, since all you have to do is run straight, up and down the 3 stories of rings.

At the writing of this Guide, the place was completely abandoned, even though the Elite Mobs are an extremely good source for both Hard Black Crystal Shards, and Sharp Black Crystal Shards

You should check out this video, to understand how the area exactly looks like, and get an Idea how to efficiently farm the pit :

Manes (100 AP)

Recommended Level51 ~ 53Lv
Distance Efficiency between Village★★★★★Tarif is right around the corner, awesome.
User Density★★☆☆☆You will barely meet anyone
Difficulty★★☆☆☆Not that hard, and awesome for continuous AOE grinding.
Hunting Sensation★☆☆☆☆The area is little bit boring, compared to the beautiful landscape of the others
Unique DropBelt, NecklaceBelt of Shultz the Gladiator, Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator
Mount ParkingWherever
Type of Monster ZoneHunting for growthOnce a certain limit in AP and Level is hit, it is recommendable to switch areas to keep increasing your silver/hour & xp/hour rate. a character’s AP is above a certain level, the efficiency does not increase. It is recommended to visit more efficient hunting ground.

Manes, wow. I can remember the days, before our big merger, when we were still an ambitious small guild and being bullied of the Helms Post. For us, and for many other small guilds, the manes were an awesome place for farming, almost on-par with the top grinding spots, but at the same time barely contested and mostly ignored.

It’s very near to Tarif, which means that restocking on potions, selling loot or repairing items does not consume a lot of time, which is, as we know, very important for grinding efficiency.

A very great Video highlighting all drops, showing possible crafting mats being gathered there and more can be found here :

Sausans (100-180 AP)

Recommended Level53 ~ 56Lv
Distance Efficiency between Village★★★★★Both Kusha and the Sarma Outpost are extremely close
User Density★★★☆☆The most contested Grindspot in the past, but at the moment not so bad.
Difficulty★★★☆☆Relatively easy to farm due to the lack of bad elite monsters.
Hunting Sensation★★★★☆Let the season begin! Highest Monster-Density of the early game, combined with tons of trash loot that can be sold for a lot of silver.
Unique DropNone
Mount ParkingAlways annoying, your mount will likely die.
Type of Monster ZoneHunting for growthFor this area you already require quiet good equipment to really farm it efficiently.

Sausans – the grind spot of the grinding spots in BDO. The Area is blood-sieved by millions of characters that gave their live on the Sauron Training Ground – but it is not the Saurons blood (well, them too :D),  but the blood of players who list their battle in one of the endless ever going guild wars around the sausan area. The Guild who controlled the Sausan Area back in the day was generally regarded as the strongest guild on the server – on all servers. I myself have probably lost over 200% of combat xp at that area, due to the PvP-Penalty that would chip away on your hard-farmed xp every time you die, sitting at the edge of my chair fighting off the next guild that was trying to ambush us in order to claim the spot for themselves, being filled with a rush of joy every time we fought them off, and almost crossing the line of insanity when I died the 10th time in a row, while only missing 20% to finally hit level 55, which took 2 weeks of farming 16 hours a day to achieve. All in all, my memories of the Sausans are very fond, and checking back at the area, it is not even close to as populated as it has been, since all the big guilds moved on.

One thing to keep in mind to really maximize your silver income while grinding in black desert online in general, but especially here :

Free your Inventory and have as much free weight as possible. The drop-rate and monster density are both insane .. but so is the weight of the trashloot. I very much recommend for you to bring a Wagon as well, otherwise  you will greatly suffer in regards to both xp and silver farming efficiency.

ACanadianNoob’s Grinding Spot Guide

Black Desert Grinding Spots

There are more grind spots than just Gahaz and Fogans for people under softcap you know ?

Your results may vary depending on gear, class, buffs, and especially effort. The money per hour here are estimates by me assuming 5 tier 1 pets on alert mode. Some spots don’t have money estimates because perhaps the prices of the drops are too volatile, I haven’t grinded there enough, it’s heavily dependent on your skill, or I can’t grind there currently.

Early game grind spots:

Assumes buffed with Simple Cron Meal.

<100 AP <Lv50: Rotating around elite monsters from Calpheon such as Energetic Fat Catfishmen, Violents at Mansha Forest, Abandoned Monastery, and Rhutum Outpost are great ways to make starting cash. Also very good if you do not have pets or have less than 4 pets. Also straight up grinding Hexe Sanctuary is decent as well.

100-149AP <Lv56: Helms (surface) up to 25mil/hr, Wandering Rogues up to 30mil/hr, Manes Hideout up to 20mil/hr, Abandoned Iron Mine up to 30mil/hr. Elite rotation around all of these areas make the most money in these spots.

150-179AP <lv58: Fogans 25-ish mil/hr, Bashims 18-20mil/hr, Nagas 20-ish mil/hr, Pirates (15-30mil/hr, high trading helps a lot and the spot is quite inconvenient to go to and leave), Sausans up to 40mil/hr (lots of weight/maids required unfortunately), Fadus Habitat (recently got a rework, not sure how much money/hr), Helms Cave up to 30mil/hr (should be much higher but dependent on seal prices and AFAIK they butchered some of the rotations). Can start at 140 ap if you use species damage weapon like bares or elsh.

180-209AP <lv61: Gahaz up to 40mil/hr (if your rotation has elites), Cadry up to 35mil/hr, Tshira Ruins approx. 25mil/hr, Polly Forest (once it gets its rework it will be a grind spot at this tier – take the video with a grain of salt, most KR players use loot scroll in their showcase videos. assume 66% of the trash loot and 50% of the rare drops)

180 tri kutum: Protty Cave, Blood Wolf Den, Crescent Shrine (you want this AP to 1-2 shot the guardians)

Mid game grind spots:

Assumes at least level 60 with max awakening skill levels and common absolutes from mainhand tree depending on class. All mid tier spots assume buffed with Simple Cron, Ancient Grindstone/Villa buff, Destruction Spirit Stone.

209 tri kutum: Centaurs and Basilisks. (rely on price of belt / Black Magic Crystal) (assumes no villa buff)

209 tet kutum: Sherekhans and Pila Ku. sherekhans for hoom crystals + marnis and pila ku for scrolls

220 tet kutum: can start grinding Manshaums, especially if you’re a Musa. try to get at least 2200 marks.

220 tet kutum: Some parties will carry you at Mirumok at this ap. if they offer do it. the money and the exp will make it easier to get to 235ap in the future, especially with capotia earring. (capotia ring, tri crescent, tet weapons, capotia earring, tri blue coral earring, tri orkinrad belt is enough to get 235ap for kinda cheap)

220 tet kutum: Sycraia Underwater Ruins upper level can be done at this AP fairly well. It’s not the best money though.

Late game grind spots:

Assumes at least level 60 (Hystria and Sycraia need higher levels or mobs will be purple and dodge your attacks) with max awakening skill levels and common absolutes from mainhand tree depending on class. All spots assume buffed with appropriate Cron meal, Ancient Grindstone/Villa buff, Destruction Spirit Stone, Giant’s Draught.

235 tet kutum: Manshaums makes an appearance here again. Many classes that weren’t able to get good loot at 220 kutum will be able to get decent loot at 235 kutum. Manshaums is a very good spot for mobile classes and will often outpace Aakman grinding until 245 kutum on many classes. Drop rate is very important here as small mobu have as little as 37.5% chance to drop trash loot. So things like ecology, Arsha server, luck rate, node level, etc. are very important here! (simple cron)

235 tet kutum: Mirumok ruins parties will take you at this AP. Expect about 1.9-2.1K trash loot an hour at main rotation. North America Party finder Discord here: (simple cron)

235 tet kutum, 285+ DP: can do Aakman. some classes can do it before this point like around 225 tet kutum (witch/wiz/archer/lahn), some classes can attempt hystria at this point (sorc, mystic). your goal is 3k trash without loot modifiers like item scrolls but it’s still worth if you only pull like 2.5k. Keep in mind some classes need even more AP to grind here and have it be worth more than previous spots, like 245 Kutum (Striker, Ranger, Mystic, Musa etc.) (energizing cron)

Lv61+ 245 tet kutum, full TET DR boss armor (296 DP): some classes like sorc and dk and mystic and warrior have a nice time at Hystria at this ap. some others need to wait until 261 or even 265 nouver to get good at hystria and some never get there and will always make more money elsewhere. aim for 1.5k trash before loot scrolls or better. (Exquisite Cron)

Lv61+ 261 Nouver, 308+ DR based DP: Star’s End is a decent grind spot for Blackstar materials, and should be a good grind spot once erosion earrings are added to the game.

Lv62+ 261+ TET/PEN Kutum, 324+ DR based DP: Sycraia Underwater Ruins Abyssal Level Archer needs even more dp cuz squish (Simple Cron)


There’s some spots you can go to in order to make silver. Always do some mild testing to make sure you can make more money from new spot than old spot before moving on to avoid inconveniencing people who would otherwise make even more at new spot. Assume for the first few hours until you have some practice in at a spot that you’re at around 50-65% efficiency and will get better as you learn rotations and pulls (especially true for aakman/hystria)


Edit: forgot to include grass beetles at Olvia / Velia plains for over 1 billion silver an hour at 300 AP. especially prioritize the big scary violent ones /sarcasm btw

Real Edit: Some gems / items to help you grind at spots above your current gear level:

  • Dark Red Fang Valor glove crystals are great PvE options if you can’t afford JIN Vipers. Once you’re around 300 accuracy you have a solid hit-chance against most mobu in the game except Hystria, Pila Ku, and Sycraia Abyss. These crystals give you 5 AP per and 2 crit which is really solid. Despite what people tell you hidden AP is real AP too.
  • Valtarra Spirit Crystal helps in Kamasylvia places, and if you’re under 245 Kutum they’re marginally more effective than critical crystals with the added Kama mob damage as well as hidden AP. Highly recommended if you’re trying to do Manshaums/Mirumok at 220-244 AP. Critical crystal still better at high AP though, but hidden AP and monster damage does help get over DR thresholds in the mid game.
  • Macalod crystals help a bunch if you’re willing to sacrifice defense for additional hidden AP, accuracy, and stamina.
  • Precision crystals are a must for mobu that you need to keep CC’d that have high resists. For example keeping Aakman mobs knocked down or Hystria mobs stiffened/stunned can increase your trash/hr by as much as 500/250 or more at Aakman/Hystria respectively. Outside of these places sometimes hidden AP crystals are better in mainhand but only marginally and precisions help in PvP too, so…
  • Resistance crystals like RBF Adamantine and BMC Vigor / Intimidation help a lot when you’re starting out and don’t know how to avoid CC attacks from mobs. Bound effects at Manshaum can slow you down considerably, and getting knocked down or stiff-locked at Aakman/Hystria can literally be the death of you. These don’t increase your damage but may help if you find you’re getting CC’d a lot.

Real Edit 2: Linked grind spot review/guide/example videos to each grind spot that I could find a good one. Prioritized YouTubers like Duodecil, Kanzetic, and Not Theworst, as long as they had a relevant and decently up to date video available. Keep in mind you may get different results, and to take each example with a grain of salt.

Real Edit 3: Formatting.

Where to sell fish in BDO

Where to sell fish in BDO

Another of the countless confusions that Black Desert brings with itself, is how to actually sell fish.

The Game incorporates a lot of rather complex mechanics, like for example Amity for an MMORPG, and it is kinda similar even with selling fish. Unlike Trash-loot, fish are being sold to one of to types of NPCs, that I will tell you about in a moment.

So where to Sell Fish in BDO?

Fish can be either sold to a Trader Manager or an Imperial Trader, both of them accept fish. The Imperial Trader does not take any fish lower than T2 (blue), but I would very much not recommend to waste your time and only sell fish that at least have a yellow grade (t3). Our Black Desert Online Bot is automatically sorting all picked up fish, to not unnecessarily waste any inventory space and fill them all with Ancient Relic Crystal Shards and yellow fish

Trade Managers

Trade Managers can be found in any town without an exception. The price they pay for fish ranges in between 80-130%, so depending of the size (and amount of fish) of and in your inventory, it might make sense to look for the best paying one – but in most cases my recommendation is to just sell them as fast as possible. Like with other tradeable items, you can bargain with the Trade Manager to get some additional % in profit, which you can do in case you have some spare energy top waste.

The Trade Manager is easily located by simply selecting Trade Manager in the top right in “NPCs” besides the minimap.

Imperial Fish Traders

Unlike Trade Managers, Fish Traders are rather rare. They additionally only accept blue and yellow fish, which should be no problem since all fish grades below really pay so little, that you are better off just throwing them away.
The awesome thing about the Imperial Fish Traders is that they give you a whopping 250% of the Fishes value, which, in some cases, triples the amount of silver they pay you compared to normal Trade Managers.
It is not worth it to travel half across the continent only to meet them, but if you are close, it is definitely recommendable that you sell your fish to them.

In total, 5 Imperial Traders exist, namely in Velia, Valencia City, Splashing Point, Epheria Port and Glish.

How to Sell Fish in BDO

Lets say you threw away all your white fish, and are only left with some sweet blue and yellow fish.
Go to either the Imperial Fish Trader or normal Trade Manager, talk to them pressing R, and you will already see the option available to sell your fish.

Bringing a Fish all the way from Calpheon to Valencia would increase your gain by 60%, which is barely a million silver, so my advise is to just sell your fish always at the closest trader.

In case you want to read how to maximize the amount of fish you get, check out our fishing profitability and building a boat guide, which will both greatly increase your fishing income!

Our general Guide sections and the very extensive Great Expansion Guide are both definitely also worth a look.

BDO Alchemy Guide : How Alchemy in Black Desert Works


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Alchemy Preword

Alchemy in BDO, Alchemy is not easy, Final words about alchemy


Alchemy in Black Desert

If you have any experience with life skills, especially cooking or processing – you will realize that Alchemy functions in the same way. However, it is a lot more thought-heavy, requires a lot more preparation and calculation.

Alchemy itself is like is a skill that remains a mystery to many players – and it will continue to avoid any “how to make money quick guide”. If you are looking for a way to make money quick with Alchemy and have been told by following a simple guide – that you’ll be able to make millions easily, chances are – you have been tricked or misunderstood.

There is a common abused misconception within the player base of BDO of “income per hour”, and a lot of title grabbing articles/tutorials abuse this popular logic to fool the player into clicking onto their website.

While it is true that SOME PLAYERS can attain huge amounts of silver per hour using these methods – and will even prove to do so on video, tutorial and so on, they do not take all their costs into account properly as they should.

Just because you have 100k ash, in your storage because of your workers – doesn’t make it free. Your time, that could be spent grinding, afk fishing or gathering etc. – is not free.


Alchemy in BDO is not easy

To put it in simple terms, a lot of the time people say they make 200m/h – by selling their monthly trade creates, which required hours – upon hours of work, but this information never seems to make the final cut of their boasting, or tutorial. Additionally you can never know upfront if it really works or not.

This is especially visible via bottlenecks – the needed materials for alchemy itself. E.g.;

  • Saps,
  • Bloogs,
  • Traces & Powders,
  • Fruits, Essences,
  • Oils

Which makes alchemy extremely time-consuming and difficult to do – as nearly every single possible ingredient is not possible via easily accessible methods.

There are things that can reduce the time-consumption of our Alchemy Journey – however they come at a neat price.

Items that can reduce your alchemy-time include:

  • Silver Embroidered Alchemist’s Clothes
  • Alchemy Stone of Life
  • Pavilla Costume Set
  • Teff Sandwich
  • Seafood Cron Meal
  • Advanced Alchemy Tool

You can even pick the new Shai class – in order to start off with Professional 1 Alchemy, and a neat skill that increases Alchemy Skill Life XP.


Alchemy is not So easy

Okay, Okay – I got it, Alchemy in BDO is complex. Just tell me how to get Guru 20 in it already!
Sure – But this part doesn’t get any easier.

Just like with other life skills – the previously mentioned cooking skill has the same style of experience gain, where you earn Alchemy XP based on the difficulty of the crafting recipe.


  • Beginner recipes: 400xp
  • Apprentice recipes: 800xp
  • Skilled recipes: 1200xp
  • Professional: ?
  • Artisan: ?

And Yes – if you’ve noticed it already, you are completely right!

There are no Professional or Artisan recipes, and on top of that – every single Skilled recipe requires a essence, fruit or oil! This seems like it’s getting worse with each step, doesn’t it?

Logically looking at the XP chart – we can conduct that it’s easier to make 3 beginner items, rather than one skilled one. On top of that, we should go for something that is relatively easy to acquire, and something that will be useful later – to not completely waste our time.

I believe the following are the best for alchemy XP gain, as their simple recipes make them relatively easy to acquire – in comparison to Skilled Recipes.

  • Clear Liquid Reagent
    • (1) Wild Grass/Weeds
    • (1) Sunrise Herb
    • (1) Salt
    • (1) Purified Water
  • Sinner’s Blood
    • (1) Bloody Tree Knot
    • (1) Powder of Flame
    • (1) Clear Liquid Reagent
    • (2) Blood 2
  • Elixir of Demi human Hunt
    • (1) Sinner’s Blood
    • (4) Arrow Mushroom
    • (4) Fir Sap
    • (3) Black Stone Powder

Now that we understand the basic concept, we know how to reduce the strain on ourselves, and know how to level it – ourselves, let’s investigate Imperial Trading!

You can make by either:

  • Selling your finished product on the marketplace.
  • Packing your finished product into imperial trade crates and selling them to a vendor.

Just remember to be careful about selling things through the marketplace, by that I mean do not forget about adding EVERYTHING to your calculations. Even if it was free, it doesn’t mean its worthless – especially your time input.


Final words about Alchemy

As for alchemy itself – I think that the life skill is one for truly the top 1%. It’s an investment heavy life skill, that requires both heavy amounts of time and silver – however, if done correctly it can have great pay off.

There are no quick stable silver methods, as they depend on the current saturation of the Marketplace, along with the economy and status of all the in-game players – which make this a highly unstable variable, as the world is essentially our lab rat!

There are no quick guides, on how to make money with it – as the market is highly volatile, anything good today, could be bad tomorrow. You must calculate, try and experiment – for this to work. Just remember to calculate the Marketplace tax – if you plan on selling your items through there, otherwise – Good Luck!

BDO Processing Guide

BDO Processing Guide

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BDO,Guide, How it works, Step by Step Process


Black Desert Online In-Depth Processing Guide

Processing in BDO is a great way to gain a ton of passive income but at first glance can be very daunting. There are many different forms of processing that can branch off to many different life-skills available to you in BDO. This guide aims to provide a step-by-step instruction on how to get into processing and describe several different types of processing as-well.


Processing Knowledge

To open the GUI for processing press the “L” key (default). This will show you the different types of processing you can do in BDO; ranging from Heating (Ores), Chopping / Lumbering (Chopping logs into planks), Drying (for fish and other items), Grinding (Grinding grains into flower), Shaking (Turning flower into Dough), and Filtering (Turning dirty water into clean water).

BDO Processing List

In BDO, you cannot go into end game processing right away. To make Steel for example, you are going to need heating knowledge level 2. The best way to get into a specific trade of processing it to open your black spirit (“,” comma by default) and press on the “Guide” Tab.

Once the GUI opens, there will be options for “I’d like to learn about Gathering/Processing” or options as shown below! This will set a waypoint to a chain of quests that you must do in order to progress in the processing tree.

I personally recommend getting the knowledge for Heating or Chopping right away as this will power boost your processing exp for the corresponding trade (heating and lumbering) and have more of an impact to for you in the long run; especially if you want to get into the life-skill: trading.



BDO allows you to hire workers to do your bidding. They will harvest materials for you in exchange for beer. (A guide on how to make worker feed can be found here: ………….) There are two ways to get a worker, but luckily, they are both located on the same NPC across the BDO world. Every city you can think of will have an NPC that you can hire workers from. To find the closest worker supervisor, click the magnifying glass at the top right of your screen (next to the map)

Find NPC in Black Desert

Then hit the worker option in the GUI:

Black Desert Workers

This will auto-path you to the closest worker supervisor where you can spend in-game silver for workers OR you can use energy to roll for them.

Hire Workers BDO

These are the two buttons you will be using the most when it comes to getting workers. Contract workers is the option where you roll for workers using energy. Worker Exchange is the option where you buy workers from other players using in-game money. (This option is relatively expensive but do-able if you don’t have a lot of energy).

You can only get a certain number of workers per city, but you can increase that by buying lodging from certain houses on the world map. The example below shows what you need to achieve per city if you have wanted a strong worker empire. Those little white / blue houses are the houses you can see in your world map (click on a city). Lodging will add workers and will continue to do so as you level it up. (This will require Contribution Points “CP”)

A House in Black Desert

There are different tiers of workers that range from Naïve (gray) à Basic (green) à Skilled (blue) à Professional (yellow) à Artisan (orange). (worst to best) You obviously want to work towards getting a full artisan worker empire but get anything skilled or above to start out
Our dedicated guide on Workers in Black Desert can be found here
Also not forget to check out our super-indepth guide on how to make beer to feed your workers .

Once you have gotten a few workers, you can start getting passive materials while you progress in the game!



Nodes in Black Desert are a vital part to every master processor. They allow you to utilize your workers in which they harvest the resource located at said node. If you open your world map (“M” by default) you will see points that connect every region. These points are called nodes. If you click on a specific node, you will see that most of them will come with 2 or 3 extra sub nodes that hosts the specific

BDO Farm

To invest in the resource nodes, click on the

Corresponding sub node. On the top left, you will

See a button that says invest contribution.

Once you invest contribution, you can

Send workers to collect resources for you. The closer

Your workers are to the resource node, the faster

It will obtain it.

The best resource nodes to get would be

Iron / Coal / Timber of any kind. Let that stock up

While you progress in the game.

A more in-depth Guide about how exactly the Node System in Black Desert is working you can find in our How to BDO Node-System Guide


Leveling Up Process

In BDO, getting to Artisan 1 should be a priority when starting to process. Artisan one allows you to generate more output with the same amount of input at previous levels; meaning that you can potentially make money from buying stuff off the market, processing it, then reselling it. To level up processing quick, I suggest heating up some Steel. Some people might say to make Flax Fabric but one reason why I don’t necessarily do that is because Steel can be used to make Trade crates, which are used in the trading life-skill.

To make Steel you must:

  1. Get some heating knowledge as learned above, level 2 or 3.
  2. You must process iron ore into melted iron (pressing “L”, go to heating, then select iron ore).
  3. Get the coal you have been gathering with your workers and combine the two (melted iron and coal) with heating.

This will result in Steel which will net you 800 XP per craft compared to the 1,000/per from Flax Fabric. You can potentially start with flax due to the weight it has and the simplicity, but Steel will net you more in the long run, the only downside is that you can’t afk as long due to hitting the weight-limit very fast.

How to get Black Stone Powder in BDO

How to get Black Stone Powder in BDO

In BDO Black Stone Powder is one of the most needed mats.
It is barely possible to buy it at the Central Market, since it’s use far exceeds the value it can be sold for in the Marketplace.

So if you need and want Black Stone Powder, you have to create it yourself, and thankfully with some tricks, you will be practically swimming in the black gold.
There is 3 ways to get Black Stone Powder. The first way is by grinding Black Stones, the second is by grinding Magic Crystals, and the third is by using your workers to create Black Stone Powder from rough stones.
In the following paragraphs, I will explain to you which is the most cost efficient way to produce your own Black Stone Powder.

So how to best get Black Stone Powder?

While grinding Black Stones or creating Black Stone Powder via your workers are both options – they are not good, but very expensive ones.
By far the most cost efficient way to create Black Stone Powder is by grinding Magic Crystals, which you either get en-mass by grinding with our guides about grinding and also the help of our grinding spots

The secret on how to get unlimited cheap Black Stone Powder from magic crystals :

The trick is to use the Special Deals Tab in the Central Market, where players automatically post their loot. Due to the high drop rate, magic crystals are almost always very abundant, which causes the automatic pricing system to sell them for very cheap.
You have to do some testing which Magic Crystals have the best bang for the buck, and maybe also check out the Magic Crystals Tab in the Central Marketplace, any kind of crystal, no matter if green, blue, yellow or orange can be ground into Black Stone Powder.
As rough pointer, a magic crystal should cost in-between 15.000-20.000 silver, and yield in between 20-50 Black Stone Powder. Quiet a good deal, huh?

This method also gets more efficient with increasing processing level.

To learn more about processing in detail and how to level it up best, make sure to check out our Comprehensive Guide to Processing in Black Desert

Grinding Rough Stones – The old way for Black Stone Powder.

This option only gets a honorary mentioning, but I really would not recommend any person to go down this road.
To process rough stones with your workers, you have to rent a house that has a refinery upgrade option, which exist in most cities and some towns. Then you have to open the refinery, and dedicate a worker to the task and regularly feed him with beer in order to keep him working.The hard way is to have a worker process rough stones into black stone powder. This possibility may at some point be necessary, assuming that players start mass buying magic crystals from the market for their own production. But until then it is a waste of time and contribution points to have workers refine rough stones.
Once the worker finished it’s job, you will be rewarded with 1 Black Stone Powder for each 2 Rough stones your worker processes.

Black Desert Online Beginner Guide

Black Desert Online Beginner Guide

Starting as a new Player in Black Desert Online can always be hard. So we tried to compile some answers for Beginner.

You don’t need to waste time for anything. Just do these steps:

1. Just finish black spirit quests until 15 levels. Don’t do any quest after you enter the cave below Velia Village.

2. Kill monsters for level. Collect exchange item drops and handle them to npc. They will make a huge amount of money when you kill always at the same spot. Manshas(49 level goblin like monsters at south west of calpheon) or Catfishes are very good for this. When you become 49.99 levels, do the black spirit quest and become 50 lvls.

3. Never log out. Just go to Velia Village and buy a fishing rod. There is a perfect fishing spot near Velia shore. You will see many people fishing there. Just join them fishing. You don’t need any ship. You can use their ships at start. You need to eat food (Balenos Special or other simple food) and use ixir potions (Elixir of Fisherman) to catch expensive fish. You can leave your character there and it will catch fish automatically. You need to connect the node you are fishing at. You should sell your fish to Imperial Fishing Trader in every 3 hours. You will be very rich in short time.

4. Sell your fish. You will acquire stones which you collect 5 pieces and combine them making a plus symbol “+”. It will give you a boss scroll. Just go kill them when you have 5 scrolls with 5/5 full party. Other party members should have 5 boss scrolls too. THIS IS THE KEY TO BE THE STRONGEST PLAYER in this game. You should make 5 good friends for bosses.

5. Kill monsters for level when you are playing by hand. Leave your character for fishing when you are afk.

6. Finally for item enhancement… You mustn’t use the items with blue names. They are hard to repair when fail. You should use “green named” items with 2 sockets. The purple gear is best for ordinary players. You can drop them at Saussan Post at Media Territory. You need to make fail stacks for enhancement. You need fail stacks at the same plus with the item. You can make +5 gear and +7 weapons without fail. You need 6 fail stacks for +6, 7 stacks for +7… you need 3-4 more stacks after +12… +15 items are easy to make. +17 is also not so hard for “good players”. Don’t try to enhance accessories, you will destroy both of them. Use accessories with good ATTACK power and mostly which have ACCURACY. Deffence is ignored in this game. Just make a good attack power.

Here some short FAQ :

Using an external Black Desert Online Bot for fishing

Well, most people not really want to admit it, but they are already using a Fishing Bot. It allows you to maximize your money in BDO, while being focused on real life yourself.
There is inherently nothing but about that, especially since Black Desert very much favors individuals who have unlimited amounts of time on their hand.
You can head over here to buy it

Grind or Quest?

Remember that quests after about level 12 do not give level experience. Quests are primarily to gain Contribution which you will use to unlock Nodes. While quests will generally help move you along from zone to zone it can be faster to just grind mobs. Hakurai published a great level 1-50 grinding guide here.

Start Fishing early!

Check out our Fishing Guide as soon as possible, to really maximize your gain early on so you can start to Bot! You find the Guide in our discourse

Quest Filter

Open your quest log (Default: O) and look in the top right. There are filters for the different types of quests. The default focuses on Combat Quests. There are over 10,000 quests in the game but most will be hidden unless you activate them here.

Don’t forget to Explore & Talk to Everyone

Black Desert doesn’t use a traditional Quest Hub format. You could run out of quests to do if you don’t go around and explore. The more you explore the more Nodes you will find and the more Knowledge (from talking to every NPC you find) you can gain to increase your Total Energy.

Too crowded?

In the beginning there will be A LOT of people trying to kill quest mobs in the starting area. The biggest issue will be the Imps. We recommend the area with the circles that look like arenas.

Channel Chat uses Energy

Be careful using channel chat as it takes 1 energy per message. Switch to whispering as soon as you can to avoid using up all your precious Energy!

Make Alts!

Total Energy is per character so even if you don’t plan to play any alt characters you should fill up your character slots with them. Even while offline they will regenerate 1 energy per hour that you can use for things like hiring workers, tending to a farm or the Secret Vendor.

Graphic Settings Tweaks

A few tweaks to make right when you start:

Lower the screen shake. It isn’t necessary and makes the game feel laggy.

Remove Others Lanterns

This will make the game look a lot nicer and less… orange.

Training your Body

There are 3 stats that you can improve to increase Stamina, Weight Limit and Max Health. All can increase to Level 30.

Breath you improve just by running. Every level gives you +25 Stamina. I recommend not riding a horse for a while so you can rank this up sooner.

Strength you improve by carrying trade packs from Traders. You get 2 WT per level.

Health you increase by eating food. You can only eat 1 food item every 30 minutes so eat early and often! Each level of health gives you +10 HP.

Quest All

When you first start the game look at your mini quest log located on the right side of your screen. Once hovered over it you will see a series of 6 buttons at the top right. Make sure all six of these buttons are green. This will enable you to see all the quests NPCs have to offer. These quests will include combat, life, fishing, trade/exploring, and all other quests.

NPC Search

Looking for an NPC? Search no more! Click the magnifying glass located next to your mini map. This will give you a drop down that will allow you to target and path to all normal town NPCs. Here you will find NPCs such as the stable master, auction house, skill trainer, etc.

Importance of Energy and Contribution

As with any game, people are always hyped about hitting max level, or in Black Desert’s case hitting 50. If you’re rolling your first toon we suggest you take the time to level the old fashion way. While grinding and power leveling will certainly get you to level 50, you will be seriously handicap when you achieve your goal. Contribution and energy are two important forms of currency that essentially are used in everything. If you want to gather, craft, start a farm, own a house, etc. you will need contribution and energy. Contribution is obtained through questing and energy is obtained from gaining knowledge of areas, NPCs, and mobs.

Leveling your health

Everyone knows leveling their health is pretty important in any MMO, but in Black Desert most people don’t know how. If you open up your profile (press P) under the training section you will see your health level. Health can be increased by eating any food that gives a 30 minute cool down. These foods can either be crafted by the player via cooking or purchased off the auction house under the food section (turkey symbol).

Inventory Space

Again, we visit the importance of questing. Inventory expansion slots are given through questing. To our knowledge you can receive 35-36 slots from quests. Outside of questing the only other way of obtaining inventory slots are through cash shop items or patron status/subscription service.

Auction House Search

A lot of people seem to think the auction house search for item feature does not work, when in fact it does! When you’re looking for an item keep in mind that it is case sensitive. If the first letter of the name of the item is capitalized you must type it that exact way to populate the search. We suggest only using small keywords to get the most use out of the search feature.

Gear level requirement

Or the lack there of. There is no level requirement on gear. A level 1 Plum can wear the same set as a level 50 Plum. Keeping this in mind don’t form any sort of attachment to your initial set in game and strive to attain your ideal set for your class as soon as possible.

Stay logged into the game

If your computer can handle it and your capable of staying logged into the game you can reap some serious benefits. In game time played gives some pretty nice rewards ranging from additional character expansion slots, pets, and bed. Leaving your character logged in as much as possible will allow you to receive these rewards sooner rather than later. You can check the reward items in the time section of the challenge menu.

Being in a guild pays!

Being a participating member of a guild allows you to get paid daily from guild funds. Keep in mind for your guild to give you an active contract they’ll probably be expecting you to be contributing to guild missions and things of that nature to help earn your keep. Why not join a nice guild?


Just kill monsters by hand for level + go fishing when you need to be afk. Kill bosses with 5/5 party. These infos are very vital. Don’t be noob to understand the importance of these things after you waste much time in the game!

Be sure to also check out our Guide about the new Expansion and maybe give our Bot a Chance, that allows us to host the guides Advertisement-Free.


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