Wizard & Witch PVP Equipment Progression

for gear progression for Wizard/Witch, to not make any mistakes when choosing your Equipment.

Starting Gear Goals

Cast Speed Focused Gear [Suggested]

Agerian Helmet

Agerian Armor

Agerian Gloves

Agerian Shoes

MP Damage Scaling and Accuracy Gear

Taritas Helmet

Taritas Armor

Taritas Gloves

Taritas Shoes


Kalis Belt

Kalis Necklace

Bares Ring x2

Bares Earring x2


Yuria Staff

Steel Dagger

Phase 2 Gears Goals

Disregard the Liverto and Tree Spirit Belt upgrades if you are not a hardcore player.

Tree Spirit Belt

Liverto Staff

Mark of Shadow x2

Witch’s Earring x2

But one thing should be clear, even a GS of over 500 is not enough to participate in a T1 Node-War. Many people will think, what the hell?! 501 ?? And still not enough for a T1 node?!

The truth is that full tet is the soft-cap right now (2019) – yup, very real.

But starting with 501 GS and a decent guild and great mates you can start having fun attacking T1 ones. The only problem : It is really hard to join a guild capable of even fighting T1 Nodes. And with sub-par gear the chance to join such a guild is even lower.. I don’t say though you shouldn’t  try! Try and see. Have some fun, don’t bother about losing.

Here are some Tipps if you really want to get into PVP :

– Don’t waste your money on non-boss items. Best is to save up and buy boss-gear right from the start.
– Always research and choose the best accessories in regards to AP/Cost -I’m talking Seraps Duo or Tri Necklace, TRI Blue Coral Earrings, and getting 61 for capotia.
3. When you reach 200-210+ AP and really want to have fun in Node-Wars before you reach the soft-cap (full tet + tri accessories) you have to choose to either focus on utility or damage build. Damage is the more general build, useful and fun.
But utility is fun as hell as well and can still cause torment and destruction while almost immortal.
Damage go for https://bdoplanner.com/s/cBcxJfwD
Utility go for https://bdoplanner.com/s/Mt3GfDYo

Now trust me on this one – utility is the most fun in T1 Node-wars. Running 380DP and roughly 200-210 AP and you will be everyone’s nightmare! But focus on the AP first in order to maximize your grinding efficiency.