How to make Metal Solvent in Bdo

Everyone who enjoys crafting in black desert has stumbled over Metal Solvent before. It is being most commonly in very high demand and almost never available in the Central Market Place, because the full range of tier 3 crystals, that all require Metal Solvent, are needed for the creation of practically every high-tier armor, weapon and trinket recipe.

A full list of Recipes and Crafts Metal-Solvent is being used in can be found at

Metal Solvent is one of the more complex Items to craft, since it requires a combination of both Alchemy (Minimum Apprentice 1), and Processing (no limit), and it’s required materials again consist of multiple Mats and Processing Steps.
This can feel intimidating at first, but with the help of this guides you will have mastered all steps in no time!

First of all, the Materials required to make Metal Solvent are :

  • 4 x Rough Stones
  • 3 x Iron Shards
  • 1 x Clear Liquid Reagent
  • 2 x Trace of Savagery

How to Make Clear Liquid Reagent

Clear Liquid Reagent is luckily rather easy to create.
The needed Materials are :

  • 1 x weed/wild grass
  • 1 x Purified water
  • 1 x Sunrise Herb
  • 1 x Salt.

All of those Items are rather common or very easy to create.
Purified water you get by filtering bottled water. A Guide how to do this can be found on our Guide on how to make Purified Water

Weed is a byproduct of gathering herbs, and can be endlessly bought in the central marketplace for very cheap, you also get it as byproduct of gathering sunrise herbs at nodes.

Sunrise Herbs can be either gathered manually, or more preferably, be produced at Gervish Mountains , Cron Castle Site or Balenos Forest

Salt can be either bought at the cooking vendor, or purist could theoretically also produce it by heating sea water.

Those materials are then put together in an Alchemy Utensil inside your house. In case you are unsure how the Alchemy Utensil works, we also have a quick and easy “How To Alchemy”-Guide

Where to get Trace of Savagery

There are a few ways to get Trace of Savagery but they are all time consuming and frustrating. Because of this, it will almost certainly be the bottleneck material when it comes to mass production of gem polishers.

Trace of Savagery is by far the rarest, and hardest to buy/find/craft ingredient requires to create Metal Solvent.
The easiest and most preferable way to obtain Trace of Savagery is by buying it in the Central Market Place – in case you are lucky enough and it is available.

The other ways – like i personally prefer are :

– My favorite to gain Traces of Savagery is to farm the Manes, like outlined in our Grinding Spot Guide . There are endless masses of them, the area is hardly contested, and violent manes have a 100% chance to drop Traces of Savagery, and normal manes between 0.1-1%. Alternative Saunil’s drop them swell, but in case you really want to grind your Traces, I absolutely recommend to proceed by killing Manes.

– Gather it on the Lynch Farm Ruins Node
For this you will need to have Workers and sufficient Contribution Points to connect the Node.

– Disenchant any Ain-Items by heating them to get in-between 1 to 2 Traces of Savagery.
This method can work quiet well and is definitely legit, in case you find some very cheap Items of said set (30.000 Silver or Less, otherwise you are not making any silver profit)

– Do alchemy dailies that have Trace of Savagery as reward.

Combining at least 2 of those methods will leave you with more than enough Traces to proceed with working towards creating Metal Solvent.

How to Get Melted Iron Shards

Melted iron shards are super easy to produce. All you need is iron ore, and heat it via the Processing Menu (Typically opened with the Hotkey “L”).

Iron-Ore can be gathered on a ton of nodes. I recommend to check out to find the nodes that are best fitting into your current setup.

5 Iron Ore are needed for a single heating turn, which consumes roughly 1 energy. With processing at Professional 1, you get roughly 2.2 Melted for every turn/5 iron Ores.

How to Get Rough Stones.

Rough Stones are very cheap to buy, but extremely bothersome to gather yourself. They are a byproduct/side-drop of gathering rocks and ores with a pick-axe. Every rock or ore has a chance to drop Rough Stones, but you can expect that you will have to spend hours in order to get a decent amount.
Also here the secret trick is to check out the Central Market Place as-well, since every now and then you will find Stacks of up to 10.000 Rough Stones – the excess storage of some gather-maniacs.
If you manage to find a stack like this, you will be set for months in regards to all your rough-stone needs and they can be conveniently stacked and only take up a single inventory space.

Making Metal Solvent

Last but not least, now we are almost done and have all required materials to to finally make our Metal Solvent.

Like with Clear Liquid Reagent, you will need your Alchemy Tool for the creation of Metal-Solvent.
The Process of doing Alchemy Should be clear by now. Go to your alchemy tool, put the required materials into it :

  • 4 x Rough Stones
  • 3 x Iron Shards
  • 1 x Clear Liquid Reagent
  • 2 x Trace of Savagery

and start the creation of Metal Solvents.

One Important Tip : First add only the materials for a single turn, to be sure that you definitely got it right. Even just minuscule errors cause the process to fail, and you will lose the materials! That is handle-able, but it gets very dark in case you start batch-processing, look away from your computer and come back to a completely empty inventory.

Every Turn nets an average of 1,3 Metal Solvents with Alchemy Professional 1, and 1,5 Metal Solvents with Alchemy on Artisan 1.

And that’s already (haha) it!
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