Information about the Bdo Pearl Shop

The cash shop is weird, and here is our picks for the best bang for your buck!

No items in the cash shop are necessary to be competitive but some are better than others. Our goal is not to discuss whether items are Pay2Win or overpriced but to talk about which items are more useful than others. At the end we’ll include some recommended collections based on a few different budgets. We hope that the information provided here can help you!

Top Cash Shop Items

These are items we think are incredibly valuable to have and make the game a lot more fun to play.

  • Pets ($9.00 USD each) – Get 1 of each below. Only try for high tier pets if you have deep pockets ($100+ budget). It will cost you $18 per attempt to get a higher tier pet as your merge 2 similar pets together.
    • Cats detect nearby gathering nodes
    • Dogs detect flagged PVP players
    • Hawks detect nearby elite mobs
  • Weight Limit Increase ($6.00 to $29.50 USD)
    • You can buy one of each Weight increase. All combined would cost $29.50 Get what you can afford but this will have priority over Inventory Space
    • Weight Limit is also very hard to increase. There are some items that increase it and you can carry trade packs to very slowly increase your strength but being able to buy 300 LT increase right away is a big boost.

Nice to have Cash Shop Items

These items are nice to have but you really don’t need them to enjoy the game to it’s fullest. Certain items may appeal to different players.

  • Inventory Space Upgrade (About $1.00 per slot)
    • You can get over 30 inventory slots via quests so only buy these if you find yourself running into inventory issues.
  • Costumes ($32 USD)
    • Costumes look nice and provide some small bonuses that don’t provide a ton of value. I would say you need to love the costume to make it worth spending so much on it.
    • Bonuses for entire set: 10% Increased EXP, +0.5 meter jump height, Stamina +100, Decreases Weapon Durability loss 10%, 10% Decreased Death Penalty

Items to Avoid

  • Belle Epoque Wagon Set ($20 USD)
  • Dark Thorn Fishing Boat ($20 USD)

Why avoid these 2 items? Yes they include a token to redeem both a Wagon and a Fishing Boat but they are very overpriced. You will be able to buy wagons for 200-400k silver and fishing boats for 600-900k silver or you can just craft them yourself. These are totally not worth the price and there are much better items to spend your money on.

Suggested Combinations to Purchase

  • Budget: $10.00 USD (1000 Pearls)
    • 1 Cat Pet (900 Pearls)
    • Leftover 100 pearls
  • Budget: $20.00 USD (2040 Pearls)
    • 1 Cat Pet (900 Pearls)
    • 1 Dog or Cat (900 Pearls)
    • Leftover 240 pearls
  • Budget: $30 USD (3200 Pearls)
    • 1 Cat (900 Pearls)
    • 1 Dog (900 Pearls)
    • 1 Hawk (1100 Pearls)
    • Leftover 300 Pearls
  • Budget: $60.00 USD (6600 Pearls)
    • 2 Cats (1800 Pearls)
    • 1 Dog (900 Pearls)
    • Pick One
      • Max Weight Increase 300 LT (2950 Pearls)
      • Costume (3200 Pearls)
    • Leftover 700 to 950 Pearls (Another pet for breeding or inventory slots)
  • Budget $100+
    • Tier 3 pets (Cat. Dog, Hawk)
      • Best case: 5800 Pearls if every T1 pet you buy morphs into T3 directly and you don’t care which passive skills they get.
      • Worst case: 8700. This can go much higher if you do not get the special pet skills that you wanted.
    • Costume (3200 Pearls)
    • Max Weight Increase 300 LT (2950 Pearls)
    • 2xInventory +8 (1600 Pearls)
    • 13550 Pearls to 16450 Pearls

We’re always open to feedback so let us know!

Can i not just use a BDO Bot and save my money?

Yes you can! It is not 100% necessary to invest any money in Black Desert directly, and for the price of not only 2 pets, you can buy our Black Desert Bot that will continuously help you to buy hundreds of pets on the market place for Silver. For this be sure to check out our Fishing-Guide , that will get you started in no time on your conquest to enslave the World of BDO.